Facebook is now providing its users with a feature to snooze the keywords. Other than this feature of Facebook, Instagram has launched the feature naming “You are all caught up”. But is not enough, Instagram is also researching to add up a new feature for the users which is the Don’t Disturb feature. Whatsapp has also added something new, and that is a one-way mode of the broadcast to the group chats of the Whatsapp.

1- Snooze button of Facebook

This introduction of the snooze button by the facebook is an initiative by the introducers to stop the people who usually spoil the things like your shows, movies and books on the facebook. The Snooze feature is now being found in the news feed portion of Facebook.

Working with this feature:

Whenever you are going to post something on Facebook, there is an arrow present next to the publish option, and by selecting the arrow, you will go to the snooze option. By choosing this option, Facebook will draw the keywords for the post which you are going to add and those will be hiding for the next 30 days. There is an example that if you are posting the episode of game of thrones and you to keep the spoilers away from your post, choose the snooze option before posting and then

Facebook will automatically removes those keywords from the Facebook for 30 days so that no one could spoil that. But one thing to make clear is that this option is not available for hiding the keywords for ads. This feature will let the users add the prioritization to the contents they upload and will also make them see the most related stuff on their news feed.

2- New features of Instagram

Instagram has launched its two new features, and one they are You are all Caught up. This feature works in the news feed portion of the Instagram. When you are using Instagram and scrolling the newsfeed portion, you will notice new messages which pop up after you’ve navigated the same things within the past two days and that pop says” you’re all caught up”.  This is the new technique that Instagram follower are going to use to show you that you’ve already seen the same stuff before and now there is no need to scroll this section further. This is the excellent way to prevent you from missing any new posts, and all you have to do is to scroll down the newsfeed. To get instant fame on instagram, buy instagram followers from any trusted source.

The other feature offered by the Instagram is the “Do Not Disturb” feature. This feature is not yet wholly launched yet there is research is going in on this perspective to know that whether this feature is worth introducing or not. The Instagram is not only presenting this feature yet the Facebook is also researching the same function.

So these new features, which are going to be offered by the two big social media platforms, are going to add more to the value of these platforms.

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