Showers are never complete without a suction grab bar, which is Useful for the elderly or younger kids. Most showers aren’t fitted out with this grab, but as it’s very valuable in many situations, it’s very important to purchase a one. Fortunately, you can buy grab bars which fit into almost any bathtub with no drilling holes in your wall or shower. These bars operate via suction cups that stick to horizontal surfaces such as ceramic, tile, or glass surfaces to give a secure means to get inside and out of their moist, slick shower or tub readily. Below are the top ten best Suction Grab Bars in 2021.

Table of Best Suction Grab Bars:

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1. Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 17″ Bath & Shower Handle

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 17
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This simple to install and remove grab bar makes it easy to receive the balance you want on a daily basis. You are able to install it all smooth and horizontal surfaces, and should you want to work with it on vinyl, the tile ought to be non-porous in addition to smooth. This grab bar is very good for providing that essential balance for elderly adults and possibly even toddlers that are learning how to get inside and out of the tub by themselves. You are able to move this grab bar around if you be asked to transfer it from place to place.


2. Vive Suction Grab Bar

Vive Suction Grab Bar
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To get a comfortable grip that’s non-slipping and amazing for added equilibrium in the restroom, this really is the grab bar for you. The setup is simple and tool-free significance everyone can set it together and connect it to the wall socket. This hardy bar is easily readjusted if it be demanded. Because this bar works through suction cups, then it may be set anywhere in the restroom and onto any non-porous smooth, smooth, or horizontal surface. These surfaces may comprise glass, ceramic, tile, and acrylic.


3. Grip Bar from Dr. Maya

Grip Bar from Dr. Maya
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This grab bar is created especially for almost any flat or smooth Surface to provide just the most secure grip for equilibrium. Produced with suction cups, this bar isn’t hard to install and remove for simple transport, which makes it excellent for people who travel a long time. You could even avoid any drilling in your wall or bathtub since the suction cups stick to the wall with no wires or drill holes. This bar can also be made with a wonderful grip that’s designed just like a bicycle handle, which makes it effortless to grip and hold on to if getting in and out of the shower or tub. The sole downside to this grab bar is that the inability to utilize it on vinyl because it’s a suction cup.


4. AmeriLuck 2 Pack Bath Suction Grab Bar

AmeriLuck 2 Pack Bath Suction Grab Bar
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This grab bar is just one of the most lasting bars on this listing. It’s not difficult to set up, however, the secure bracket design keeps the bar protected once it’s installed. This bar will also support around 500 lbs., which makes it perfect for a lot of men and women who want the additional help getting in and out of the tub or shower. The stainless steel finish is rust resistant, meaning that the bar will last you more than every other bar available on the marketplace. You also don’t need to be concerned about rust or other damaging compounds destroying your grab bar.


5. HealthSmart Shower Grab Bar

HealthSmart Shower Grab Bar
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To get a Fantastic traction in wet environments such as bathrooms, Showers, and tubs, this tub and shower grab bar are a terrific addition to your toilet. The suction cups on the rear of this bar make it simple to set up or remove, if it be mandatory. Fortunately, this bar fits well on glass, tile, and ceramic surfaces, and it’s excellent for older or wounded men and women. Because this bar is more than most other bars, it matches various height demands, which makes it ideal for people that have a huge array of heights in the house.


6. Moen LR2308W Bath Grip, 1-Bar, White

Moen LR2308W Bath Grip, 1-Bar, White
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Most grab bars which have suction cup technologies aren’t made for vinyl showers or bathtubs. But this grab bar is intended to be used on vinyl walls which are non-porous. You are able to use it in your home, or you’re able to bring it with you as you’re travelling. As it’s produced out of suction cups, then this bar isn’t hard to install and remove so that you may take it along with you everywhere you go. This bar is also perfect for traveling since it’s compact and simple to install every moment. You’ll find the balance you want to assist you if getting in and out from the bathtub or bathtub, which is frequently made difficult due to the slippery surfaces in the restroom.


7. Jumbl Bath and Shower Suction Cup Grab Bar, Handle

Jumbl Bath and Shower Suction Cup Grab Bar, Handle
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If you’re looking for a bar which you can purchase at a number of dimensions, then you have found the ideal grab bar for your demands. This the stainless steel layout was designed to offer the balance you want without giving up function or looks. Although this grab bar has to be dragged into the walls or bathtub, the hidden mount readily covers some holes left from the grab bar. This grab bar is excellent for the elderly, kids, or wounded men and women who want the additional help getting in and out of the tub or shower. The package also includes a unique guide that will assist you set up the bar, which makes it simple for everybody to perform independently.


8. Vive Metal Grab Bar

Vive Metal Grab Bar
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This tool-free grab bar is easy to set up, and you do not need to be concerned about it damaging the negative of the tub due to a distinctive rubber mat on the floor. This bar is different compared to other bars you may see connected to the side of your bathtub. Using a particular crank layout, it is possible to easily match it into the side of the tub that will assist you get in and out easily. The bar helps with balance and equilibrium, and it’s perfect for people who may have tough at the slipper surroundings of the restroom.


9. OXO Good Grips Strong Hold Suction Balance Assist Bar

OXO Good Grips Strong Hold Suction Balance Assist Bar
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Made from a special aluminum item called Space Aluminum, Does not fade or corrode for a life of beautiful gloss in your bar. This bar is also very durable, and it holds up to 500 lbs, which makes it perfect for everybody. This grab bar is very good for supplying the essential equilibrium and stability required to assist the elderly, kids, or hurt while getting in and out of the shower or tub. Slippery and moist surfaces are no more a issue with this wonderful grab bar.


10. Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 24″ Balance Assist Bar

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 24
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Among the best features of this grab bar is that the storage Shelf on the rear of the bar. You cannot just use it in order to help you maintain your balance, however, you may also save your shampoo or alternative bathtub things onto it. The setup is simple to accomplish by yourself, and the layout is protected. Because its stainless steel, then you do not need to be concerned about the bar rusting or changing in color. It’s possible to keep your equilibrium in the shower or tub without fretting about the slick surface within the wettest aspect of your dwelling.



The best suction grab bars for the bathroom assure you security when entering or leaving your own shower or bathtub. It may help give a fast way that will help you balance as you move about Daily. It is a little, practical method that will assist you keep aging in place.

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