So you are looking for a quality wall mount fan on Amazon? That is cute because one can be great value for money. Quality wall mounted fans have proved to cool rooms more effectively than pedestal and other types of fans. Congratulations on coming to the right source of knowledge about the best wall mounted fans worth buying in 2021. Here is the list of ten best wall fans this year:

Table of the Best Wall Mounted Fans:

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10. Global Industrial 30” Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

Global Industrial 30'' Oscillating Wall Mount Fan
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This 30-inch diameter wall mounted fan by Global Industrial boasts a moderate horsepower and air blow volume of up to 1/3hp and 8775 cubic feet per minute, respectively. Suitable for medium size rooms measuring up to 500 square feet, the 30” Global Industrial wall mounted fan is praised for its easy installation and instant set up. Plus, it is one of the most portable wall mounted fans to buy in 2021. Quietness is another huge advantage of this fan, which boasts a powerful yet very silent motor.


9. Global Industrial 24” Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

Global Industrial 24'' Oscillating Wall Mount Fan
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This immediate sister of the 30-inch diameter Global Industrial oscillating wall mount fan above is 24 inches wide in diameter. The GI room cooler boasts a moderate horsepower and air blow volume capacity of up to 1/4hp and 7525cfm, respectively. Very similar to its 30” diameter sister, except for the above technical specs, this fan is ideal for rooms measuring between 300 and 450 square feet. Plus, it offers the same benefits as its sister, which include easy, quick installation and low noise levels.


8. Hydrofarm ACFW16HDB 16” Active Air Whisper Wall Mount Fan

Hydrofarm ACFW16HDB 16'' Active Air Whisper Wall Mount Fan
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The Hydrofarm ACFW16HDB is one of my favorite wall mounted fans because of its tremendous amount of power and low noise levels. This Active Air Whisper Quiet room cooling appliance has a small diameter measuring only 16 inches, but it is more powerful than other models in its category with larger diameters. Its high-speed motor (with a rating up to 1350 revolutions per minute) is made of a durable steel frame and set of aluminum blades. Other features include, tilt up and down, 3 speed settings, locks in place or oscillates side-to side.


7. VIVOSUN 16” 2 Pack Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

VIVOSUN 16'' 2 Pack Oscillating Wall Mount Fan
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Vivosun’s 2-pack 16-inch fan just like other mid-range fans boasts adjustable tilt, 3 speed settings and low noise levels. Besides these, this wall mounted oscillating room cooler features W/80 degree oscillation technology, which enables the motor to rotate faster and blow cool air throughout a hot room more effectively. Plus, it boasts a heavy duty construction, consisting of strong aluminum and steel construction for the frame and motor, respectively. If durability and performance are your top considerations, this is one of the best choices for you.


6. Air King 9518 18” Wall Mount Fan (Industrial Grade)

Air King 9518 18'' Wall Mount Fan (Industrial Grade)
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The 9518 Air King wall mounted fan is indeed an air king just as its name implies. This 18-inch room cooling appliance will efficiently cool larger rooms, measuring up to 700 square feet. However, that does not mean that it cannot be used for smaller rooms as it can. Some of its important features include an 18 inch diameter and 1/6 horsepower motor with three speed settings (low, medium, high), and up to 7450 CFM.


5. Air King 9020 20” Wall Mount Fan (Industrial Grade)

Air King 9020 20'' Wall Mount Fan (Industrial Grade)
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9020, which is the highest alternative in Air King’s line of mid-range wall mounted fans comes with a relatively powerful motor that boasts up to 1/6 horsepower. With an air blow capacity of up to 3670 cubic feet per minute, this 20-inch fan is suitable for larger rooms, measuring beyond 600 square feet. Just like its lower alternatives, it boasts three speed settings and a heavy-duty aluminum as well as steel construction for the frame and the motor, respectively. It can be a great choice if you are looking for something with more power than what most mid-range fans have.


4. Maxx Air HVWM 18 UPS 18” Wall Mount Fan

Maxx Air HVWM 18 UPS 18'' Wall Mount Fan
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The heavy-duty wall mounted fan by Maxx Air comes with a rugged hanging bar, which is a rare feature of traditional wall mounted fans. Delivering airflow up to 2500, this 20-inch diameter fan is designed for large rooms but still can be practical for small or medium size rooms. Plus, it boasts a powder-coated steel build, 3 speed pull chain, 180 degree tilt, and 2 speed settings i.e. high speed and low speed. The primary advantages of this product include easy installation and user friendliness.


3. Lorell LLR49256 Wall Mount Fan

Lorell LLR49256 Wall Mount Fan
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The Lorell LLR49256 fan (wall mounted) features an adjustable, oscillating tilt head, three speed settings (low, medium & high) and air displacement capacity up to 2200 CFM. This 16-inch room cooling appliance is ideal for medium sized rooms measuring no more than 650 square feet. It is easy to install and operate, requiring very minimal reference to the user manual. The LLR49256 fan by Lorell can be another amazing choice if you are looking for a low cost wall mounted fan that operates with minimal noise levels, thanks to its quiet motor.


2. Tornado 16 Inch Digital Wall Mount Fan

Tornado 16 Inch Digital Wall Mount Fan
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Tornado’s 16-inch fan comes with a digital control panel. This 3 speed settings wall mounted fan also boasts 3 oscillating settings, in-built thermal overload protection with automatic shut off and air disposal capacity up to 2500 CFM. Ideal for large rooms measuring 700 square feet and above, this remote controlled fan is relatively easy to set up and operate, even though it looks a bit complicated. Other advantages of this fan include low energy consumption, high performance and durability.


1. Air King 9012 12” Oscillating Wall Mount Fan (Commercial Grade)

Air King 9012 12'' Oscillating Wall Mount Fan (Commercial Grade)
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The 9012 wall mounted fan by Air King wraps up our list of best wall mounted fans in 2021. This 12-inch fan has a maximum air displacement capacity up to 930 cubic feet per minute hence, making it ideal for medium size rooms no larger than 500 square feet. Other important features of this relatively small room cooling appliance include 3 speed settings, 90 degree oscillation and heavy duty aluminum construction. Plus, it can be locked in a non-oscillating position if need be.


Tips to Consider When Buying a Wall Mounted Fan

1. CFM

Wall mounted fans come with different air displacement capacities relative to the room sizes for which they are designed. Wall mounted fans that are built for small rooms have lower CFMs, typically below 1000. On the other hand, fans designed for medium size rooms have neither lower nor higher CFMs, but something between 1000 and 2000. However, their counterparts that are intended for large rooms have CFMs above 2000.

2. Tilt Range

Apart from air displacement capacity, wall mounted fans come with different tilt ranges, from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. The wider the tilt range, the more effectively the fan will be able to cool the room. If you cannot afford a fan with the widest tilt range, choose something with a range at least 120 degrees.

3. Noise Levels

Nowadays some high-end fans have dedicated noise cancellation technologies, which enable them to operate smoothly and quietly. If motor noise irritates you, narrow your list down to this. Of course, you will pay a little extra, but the overall satisfaction that you will get from a quiet fan will be worth the money.

Final Thoughts

Global Industrial, Hydrofarm, Vivosun, Air King, Maxx Air, Lorell and Tornado are some of the best brands for wall mounted fans in 2021. If you are looking for a quality fan, consider one from any of these brands, which are praised by consumers all over the earth. Finally, be sure to use the buying tips above to ensure you get your hands on strictly the right product.

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