Activity trackers are worn during fitness exercises; swimming, games, etc. and they are designed to be more resilient than regular smart wristwatches. The reason is simple, unlike the average wristwatch, activity trackers face more hash conditions like sweats which are experienced every workout session, shakes, bumps, etc. However, when it comes to choosing an activity tracker to wear for your exercise considering its basic functions, you will find out that a waterproof activity tracker is just what you need.

Be it in the pool, in the gym, in the shower and in any other type of event that fully involves water, having a waterproof activity tracker got you covered in checking your fitness level and also in observing how your body performs at each session. Varieties of waterproof activity trackers exist in the market with differences in shapes, styles, features, sizes, and design that it makes become kind of confusing selecting which is the best among them. However, we have compiled a list for you that shows the Top 15 Best waterproof Activity Tracker in 2021.  Go through it and then make your choice comfortably.

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1. Cafar Fitness Tracker

Cafar Fitness Tracker
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This waterproof activity tracker is compatible with Android and iOS smartphone through respective iBand apps. It has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and you can charge it with a USB port. The tracker fits into wrists having a width of 5.5 inches to 8 inches. It has nearly 1 inch TFT color screen and it activates every time you lift your wrist. There are 2 customizable clocks available and it is visible under the sun as well as in the dark.

It has all the functions you can imagine starting from blood pressure and heart rate to activities and calorie burning. You can also find all the functionalities in a smartwatch. The product has IP68 waterproof certification. You can take it for diving, swimming, shower or any other water sports. The maximum depth up to which it is sustainable is 33 meters for half an hour.

2. Toprime Fitness Tracker

Toprime Fitness Tracker
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The fitness tracker is capable of real-time heart rate monitoring and it alerts you when you reach the minimum or maximum heart rate. It has IP67 certification of waterproof standard and hence, you can carry it while swimming, taking shower, going out in the rain and washing hands. There is auto sleep monitoring, activity tracking, camera, video, music controls, message and notification alerts, and much more. It has Bluetooth 4.0 support and the display screen is nearly 1 inch OLED one. You can charge with a USB port. It will fit in perfectly for wrist width of 5.19 to 7.87 inches.

3. Eway Fitness Tracker

Eway Fitness Tracker
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This is quite a stylish fitness tracker and it has an IP68 waterproof standard. You can take it underwater for diving apart from usual water sports and activities. It is a multifunctional tracker and can be used to take photos with a definite gesture. It is capable of heart rate monitor, sleep monitors and you can connect it with your smartphone to see notification and message. The battery life is 5-7 days depending on its usage.

4. Kybeco Fitness Tracker

Kybeco Fitness Tracker
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This fitness tracker features under Amazon’s Choice and it has an IP67 waterproof standard. It is suitable for water showing and swimming but not for diving and deep underwater exploration. It can sync with the local weather forecast and there are 14 different training modes available for accurate activity tracking. There are 5 different clock styles available and the battery lasts for 5 days for just 2 hours of charging. It is suitable for wrist width of 5.5 to 8.6 inches. You can control your camera and music remotely.

5. T5 Plus Fitness Tracker

T5 Plus Fitness Tracker
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This is a very lightweight waterproof activity tracker and it has an IP67 certification which means without deepwater exploration, you can perform every other task seamlessly. There is reminder system for notifications and messages. It can do sleep monitoring and other health monitoring and you can share them on social media. The OLED screen is 0.91 inches and there is cool light up on the screen and the battery lasts for 5 days straight.

6. Marceloant Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Marceloant Waterproof Fitness Tracker
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There are various color options available for this waterproof activity tracker. You get notifications for calls, messages, and social media notifications. You can track your sleep and health parameters daily and get more insights through the app. There are multiple modes available for tracking the activities efficiently and the OLED screen is 0.86 inches in size. The product has an IP67 waterproof certification and the battery is long lasting and it has smart gesture support.

7. Kirlor Fitness Tracker

Kirlor Fitness Tracker
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This activity tracker is capable of heart rate, sleep and pressure tracking and hence, if you happen to like mountainous activities, this is a perfect choice for you. The screen is quite colorful and all the reminder systems are there. The battery has almost 10 hours of standby time and nearly 7 days of normal usage time. You can replace the band anytime you want and the OLD screen is large enough is 0.96 inches. The product comes with one year of warranty. It is capable of 24-hour continuous heart rate tracking and has an IP67 certification.

8. Parnerme Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Parnerme Waterproof Fitness Tracker
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This is a multipurpose fitness tracker and it has an IP67 certification. It is quite advanced in functionalities like it can do dynamic heart rate tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, and various other activity tracking in details. Apart from that, you can get alerts for notifications, calls, messages and the battery life is extra-long lasting nearly 7 to 15 days depending on the regular use. You can also get alerts for specific social media apps and read content on the screen which is 0.96 inch in size.

9. FengXun Fitness Tracker

FengXun Fitness Tracker
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This fitness tracker has an IP67 waterproof standard and hence, it is suitable only for splashes, showering, light swimming, and going out in the rain for half an hour. The heart rate and sleep monitoring are perfect and there are various modes like cycling, running, jogging and likewise for accurate tracking. There is also GPS navigation system and the OLED screen is 0.96 inches.

10. LINTELEK Fitness Tracker

LINTELEK Fitness Tracker
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The waterproof activity tracker has IP67 standard and there are multiple sports modes available to track the activities perfectly. Furthermore, it comes with advanced heart rate tracking technology and with GPS connectivity, you can get map while you are running or walking. The clock face is customizable and the battery backup is solid with lasting nearly 5 to 10 days depending on usage.

11. LOVK Fitness Tracker Watch

LOVK Fitness Tracker Watch Top 5 Best Waterproof Activity Trackers in 2021
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A fantastic tracker watch ends our list, which is the LOVK fitness tracker watch. The tracker watch has its best wearing position to be 2cm in the upper region of the anklebone. From that position, your heart beats can be recorded accurately, your calorie loss, climbing, running and walking space can be recorded by the tracker as well. The LOVK fitness tracker watch serves as a controller for your phone camera, your sedentary reminder, helps you monitor your sleep and other side functions. With a waterproof ranking of IP56, the fitness tracker can be worn even in the most extreme conditions.

12. Aneken Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

Aneken Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor
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Next is Aneken tracker, an activity tracker can take records of your heart rate, distance covered, amount of calories burned, etc. and comes along with 14 different sports modes for you to choose. With the Aneken waterproof tracker, you will always receive notifications for calls, SMS, emails, and can as well find your phone if it’s within Bluetooth range. The waterproof rating of the tracker is IP67, and it comes with a warranty of 24 months.

13. Fatmoon Fitness Tracker

Fatmoon Fitness Tracker
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The Fatmoon fitness tracker is a waterproof tracker that serves as a smart pedometer, a sleep monitor, notifications, control for a phone camera, reads and record calories, has an anti-lost alert, and others. It is designed in such a way that not just your fitness seasons but your all-day activities can be tracked with it. The tracker’s touch screen is very responsive, and by a simple tap, all the counting and recording can be read. The tracker supports Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with Android 4.4, iPhone and other smart devices.

14. Kirlor Fitness Tracker

Kirlor Fitness Tracker
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Similar in design to the Kybeco fitness tracker but with unique features, the Kirlor fitness tracker is the next on our list. This fitness tracker is a multifunctional tracker; it’s a timer, a pedometer, sleep monitor, time display, stopwatch, alarm clock, blood pressure test, SMS alert and a whole lot of other functions. There is a USB port in the tracker which means that it can be charged either using your PC, a power bank or in your car. Much more than a tracker, the design of the Kirlor fitness tracker (0.87” OLED display) makes it possible for you to wear it comfortable at any occasion in the form of fashion, coupled with the fact that is light.

15. Kybeco Fitness Tracker

Kybeco Fitness Tracker
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Unsurprisingly topping the list is the Kybeco waterproof fitness tracker. This fitness tracker shows your heart rate and even fat burning rates during any workout or exercise on the screen. The tracker also comes with all the essential features that a Smartphone has, features such as vibration alarm, step tracker, daily reminder and notification for all applications including Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, calendar, etc. You can control your phone camera to take pictures anytime and control your music player as well while you do your workout using the Kybeco fitness tracker. By connecting with the GPS mode, you can see the real time of your activities, steps, heart rate, your speed, calories burned and others show on the screen as you carry out any outdoor exercise.[/lazboy_item]

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

Buying a waterproof activity tracker is not just making a choice based on your favorite color. There are various other important parameters you need to watch out for so that you can make a smart choice and buy the best waterproof activity tracker according to your requirements.

Waterproof Certification – Every waterproof device gets a waterproof certification and IP67 and IP68 are the most popular standards. An IP67 certification means that the tracker is suitable for light water activity such as splash, showing, going out in the rain and light swimming. But an IP68 standard means you can use the tracker for almost any water sports like diving without a single problem. But you have to keep the maximum depth and time specifications mentioned by the company to keep the device safe and secure. If you are a water sports loving person, you need to buy a tracker with an IP68 standard.

Tracking Functionality – Most of the trackers are capable of performing the general smartwatch functionalities along with most of the activity tracking and heart rate tracking. There are certain trackers which are quite advanced and they can do blood pressure, blood oxygen and various such other activity tracking in details. Furthermore, some of them have all the sports and activity mode on them so that the efficiency of tracking can increase.

Furthermore, there are certain trackers that can show you notifications for certain popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and likewise such that you can read the messages and content on the screen. In such a scenario, the screen size should also be checked. Anything very close to 1 inch is large enough. Some of them also give you the ability to remote control the music, camera, video and much more. Depending on your needs you should choose a tracker to serve all your purposes perfectly.

Style – If you care about the aesthetic of the tracker, you should watch out for the option to change the wristband, clock style, wallpaper changing, and various such customization options. Most of the trackers listed above have multiple style options so that the screen is visible under the sun as well as in the dark.

Other than these, you can also watch out for compatibility with your smartphone OS version so that you can install their company’s app on your smartphone and connect your device through Bluetooth for more insights on the data. The battery life can also be taken into consideration. The standard battery life is 5 days with normal usage but some of them are capable of sustaining for 7 to 10 days. Lastly, you should take your wrist width into consideration as some of the trackers are not suitable for too thin or too large wrists.


You can buy any of the above-mentioned top 15 best waterproof activity trackers in 2021 to monitor all your activities throughout the day whether you are on land or water. But always keep the parameters listed above in mind while shortlisting and choosing one from them to buy for you so that you never regret after purchasing the tracker.

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