Your website is likely to be made or broken due to speed. Because of this fact, web developers and marketers have opted to pay much attention to the tools that test the website speed. If you really need your website to succeed and be outstanding, you should make sure that you consistently improve your webpage loading speed.

In almost every arena, the page speed affects your performance right from the search engine optimization to the user experience. It is obvious that most website users won’t wait for more than one minute for a page to load before opting to move to something else.

You are not likely to sit by your machine with a stopwatch when trying to determine whether your site speed is fast. For this reason, most developers have now opted to use the following wide variety but also best free website speed test tool in the world. However, these tools keep changing as well as updating with time. Lets now look at some of the best 5 tools.

1. GTmetrix

Currently, this is the most incredible and straightforward tester we have. Just type your URL in and click “Analyze”

Generally, its interface is simple to use. The UX design is easy for navigation and trust. Since many people really want to compare themselves with rest of the internet, Gtmetrix gives page numbers with context ( There is a comparison of your fully loaded time with the overall internet average, for instance).

It is still easier to determine whether the issues are originating from your CSS, server environment or Javascript since scores are being broken down here by type. Meaning you should not worry if you are not familiar with the web development

There is a pro level upgrade that is offered by Gmetrix which allows access to alerts and page settings as well as monitoring. Data can be downloaded easily since the test is free.

2. Webpage Test.

This is also one of the most reliable website speed testing tool that is also trusted by more users today. Its Primary strengths include the following:

There is an option where users are able to initiate custom settings for every webpage test they run. Webpage test is able to let you know which search engine best works with your websites since it can be configured to use different locations as well as web browser options that are different. For instance, your website may be slow when using Firefox but be quick when you opt to use Google Chrome

It is important to note that Webpage Test is both free and open source and that makes it not flashy but the data is accurate although results and diagnostics may not be user-friendly.

3. Google Page Speed Insights

To be honest this might not give a lot of suggestions or data on ways of trying to fix problems but there are quite a number of reasons as to why it is worth checking on this tool.

If a Google tool find s a problem with your site’s performance you should take all the necessary precautions since Google creates search rankings whenever you want to gain traction too.

When using this tool just key in the web address in a matter of second you will be able to see both desktop and mobile versions of your website. You will be able to know whether your website is performing well instantly since the results that appear are color coded.

4. Pingdom

The way it is configured allows its users from any testing location. This makes it simple with better options

Here results can be read easily and also you are provided with a specific list of problems that need be addressed.

It is actually the deep webpage tester that is deceptive that has a well organized generated data that is easy to get into details.

5. DareBoost

DareBoost has visual representations since there is a great breakdown of data. It is easy to see the progress here since DareBoost provides generous explanations that are easy to read and understand. Here you can also choose your test location after putting your web address. You will need to sign up a for a free account in order to continue using it

We can conclude that DareBoost has interesting features, and has a great way of interpreting your result due to the presence of data visualization.

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