Do you need to migrate a client project from a local development?

Or are you tired of your web server issues and want to change for a better one?

Well, there are a lot more reasons why you may need to migrate your website.

Doing this manually can be a living hell, plus you might mess up a few things. To help you out we are giving you the Top 8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins to move your website from one location to another one. See each of these options carefully and choose one for yourself.

8. UpdraftPlus (Free)

UpdraftPlus has more than 2 million downloads, so there was no way we can skip it. This is a website backup plugin that offers risk-free WordPress Migration as it has a strong built-in mechanism. The plugin proves to be helpful for duplicating or migrating your website to a new location.

Moreover, this migration tool can restore and migrate backup sets from other backup premium plugins. It supports BackupWordPress, WordPress Backup to Dropbox and even BackWPup. It offers helpful features such as backup encryption for security and backup encryption components that help you to move by splitting the website in different archives.

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7. WordPress Move (Free)

The WordPress Move remains the most sought after a plugin that helps for migrating WordPress from one server to another. This plugin has enjoyed 100,000 downloads so far as it is used for multiple options. These options are described as following:

  • Moving WordPress from one Server to Another
  • Transfer Database
  • Create Backups

Although it remains as one of the Top 8 best WordPress Migration Plugins, still the developers have to say a few words of caution for users:

“Even we have tested this plugin more times than we can mention, be advised and use it at your own risks. While at it, don’t forget to backup your files in the first place.”

Acting on that advice, while we recommend this plugin, we will say that you have to make a backup before migrating your website. Don’t just do it with this plugin, but for everyone we have mentioned, it will make sure your website is safe before you make the move.

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6. Duplicator (Free)

If you are interested in something more than just migrating your website, you better consider Duplicator Pro. This tool is not only designed for migrating websites, but it will also help you if you want to copy a clone site from one location to another. The only problem is, this plugin demands advanced technical expertise.

This plugin allows you to copy, clone and migrate your website from one location to another. It has more than 600,000 active installs at the moment because it supports both serialized and base 64 serialized string replacement.

It’s ideal to move or/and backup your website. It also works great for developing locally and later pushing up to a production server for website release, updates or even demoing a website.

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5. WP Migrate DB Pro (Start From 90$)

This is yet another great tool to migrate WordPress installation. It offers both free and premium version though we recommend the paid version. So far, this plugin has been downloaded for more than 225,000 times as it promises to migrate websites safely while offering top notch features that are named below:

  • Push and Pull Database
  • Find and Replace which handles Serialized Data
  • Automatically backs up your website before replacing it
  • Selectively migrates tables
  • Filters post types right according to your preference
  • Pushes Local Database and Replaces the Production/Staging Database

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4. Backup Buddy (Start from 80$)

This is easily one of the Top 8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins. It not only migrates your website but also automatically creates its backup. With this plugin, you can recover your website from any issue without a hitch. It’s simple to use and to migrate your website from one server or domain to another one. All you have to do is create a new database and enter that database credentials while your import.

It replaces all URLs to new server or domain when you migrate the website. The best part is, there is a lot of documentation available for it.

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3. MyEasyBackup (Free for 1 website)

If you need a super easy and straight forward migration, this is the best plugin you will ever come across with. The fact is, not every plugin creates a backup and restores your WP. This plugin not only doesn’t that but cause migrates, install your WP with just a single click. This makes the whole migration thing a lot easy. To help you make your mind about it, following we are providing its features:

  • Makes backup and migrates Full Database
  • Backup Compression
  • Sends Backup Directly to new Server you need to migrate to

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2. All in One Migration (Free)

If you are all for easy use and satisfaction, then this plugin will be your best bet. Want proof? It has the average rating of 4.8 out of 5, which eventually makes it one of the most promising plugin, but there is never a guarantee.

This plugin will allow you to migrate your important files, folders, media files, plugins and themes with easy in just a few clicks, what makes it better than all others on our list is this is the only tool that also cares for a good mobile experience.

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1. VaultPress (Start from 9$)

This is the only tool that offers nothing for free. It provides backup and synchronization functionality with easy migration, all starting at $9 a month. It offers more than just migration; it is designed to promote your website with backup and several security scans. Moreover, it synchronizes every post, comment, media file, revision and even your dashboard setting.

This plugin makes it easy for you to browse the history of backup and download the archives of your database while uploading, theme, and plugins. Moreover, Backup will be restored over FT or even SSH connection either to the current site and even Alternate Site.

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