Many people do not realize that a yoga mat or an exercise mat is necessary for doing yoga posture and various body exercises. First of all, these mats are highly comfortable and give you that extra enhancement to do the workout session with enthusiasm. Sitting directly on the floor can be harmful as your body tends to absorb the heat or cold of the floor and it can get slippery with time as you start to sweat. Some mats can absorb sweat and prevent foul smell. It protects the joints from paining and there are various other scientific benefits associated with them. The following is the list of the top ten best yoga mats and exercise mats in 2021 that you can buy if you do yoga and exercise regularly.

Table of the Best Yoga Mat and Exercise Mat:

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1. BalanceFrom Exercise Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom Exercise Yoga Mat
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The product is the bestselling exercise yoga mat on Amazon and it gets featured under Amazon’s Choice label. The dimensions are 71 inches long and 24 inches wide which are enough to fit people of all sizes. The mat is made of the thick and premium quality material and there is enough all around it also that hard floors do not hurt you or make you uncomfortable.
You can use the mat on both sides and it is having non-slip property on both sides. The mat is also moisture resistant and can be washed with soap and water. You can strap it and carry with you as it is lightweight. The company offers two years of warranty.


2. REEHUT Exercise Yoga Mat

REEHUT Exercise Yoga Mat
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The exercise yoga mat has the standard large size and it is a half inch thick. The material used is high-density NBR foam material and it can be used on both sides. The material is non-toxic to the human skin and eco-friendly. The surfaces are slip resistant and it does not absorb the heat or cold of the floor. A strap is included so that you can roll the mat and strap it tightly to carry comfortably. It is quite lightweight and the company offers one year of warranty.


3. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat For Exercise

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat For Exercise
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This is another standard large sized yoga mat that will fit anybody of any size and shape. It is ideal for yoga, exercise, and various other workouts. The mat is easy to clean and the material used is of premium quality which will last longer. There is an integrated strap so that you can carry it easily with hand and tie it on the top of the car. There is especially designed memory foam used for comfort and it grips the floor surface tightly so that there is no slippage.


4. Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat
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This is a beautifully designed yoga mat and there are various such designs available to choose from. The yoga mat is non-toxic in nature and it is not going to cause any allergic reaction to your skin. There is an extra-thick foam used to prevent the absorption of cold or heat from the floor and at the same time, provide maximum comfort. The dimensions are 61cm x 172c, and the thickness is 5mm. The mat is lightweight and the additional cushioning makes it one of the most comfortable mats out there. The bottom surface is tailor-made to make it non-slip.


5. Clever Yoga Non Slip Yoga Mat

Clever Yoga Non Slip Yoga Mat
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This is an extra-long and wide yoga mat than most of the standard sized mats. There are various color options available. The mat is also extra-thick to prevent injuries while working out and it provides that extra comfort every user watches out for. It also provides support to the joints and the bottom surface is highly stable. The dimensions are 72 x 25.25 inches and the thickness is 6mm. You can use it on very smooth floor surfaces due to its wavy bottom construction that grips to the floor surfaces instantly. Most importantly, the product is highly durable and designed to withstand sweaty session without promoting bacterial growth and stinky smells.


6. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat
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This is an ergonomically designed yoga mat and your joints will stay protected completely. The cushion is highly dense and the support it provides is unmatched. Even when you have a very sweaty session, the sweat will not seep through and the bottom surface will not absorb the temperature of the flooring surface. The mat is also designed in such a way that the cleaning becomes easy and the material used on the surface is non-toxic in nature. It is latex free and there is no chance of causing any allergy to sensitive skin.


7. Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

Gaiam Print Yoga Mat
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If you are looking for a mat with beautiful prints on them to encourage you to use it regularly, this is the right one for you. There are various print designs available to choose from. The mat is extremely lightweight and highly durable. The amount of cushioning is perfect for all types of workouts. The surface is textured at the bottom for non-slipping property and it uses 6P free PVC material which is eco-friendly. The dimensions are 68 inches x 24 inches x 0.75 mm and you can download the free Yoga workout videos.


8. Healthyoga Yoga Mat

Healthyoga Yoga Mat
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This is a slightly expensive yoga mat but the use of latest technology in the preparation of the mat makes it better than most of the traditional mats. The mat is made of certified TPE material and it has automatic body alignment system with the non-slip property. The workouts will be more effective and there will be no foul smell and the cushioning is highly comfortable. It is having an extra-large size of 72 x 26 inches.


9. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat
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This is a simple yoga mat with traditional texture and it is made up of natural rubber and hence, it fits on any surface perfectly without slipping. The natural rubber also makes it highly comfortable and there is no synthetic rubber present in it to cause an allergic reaction to the sensitive skin. The cushioning is also optimal and you can select different sizes as per your body length and size.


10. Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat

Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat
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This is called a combo mat because it is a combination of a traditional mat along with a towel. This helps to absorb sweat and does not produce any foul smell. If you are the one who gets excessively sweaty during workouts and exercises, this is the one for you. The material used is natural rubber and microfiber towel. The best part is that it is machine washable and the size is standard 70 x 24 inches.


Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

The following is the list of the parameters you have to keep in mind in order to buy the perfect yoga cum exercise mat.


Even though very thick yoga mats are highly comfortable but they can make your exercises and yoga ineffective. It will feel more like you are exercising on your bed and we all know that the benefits of exercises are reduced to a greater extent when the place of workout is too soft. Similarly, too thin a mat can give pain to the joints in a short time. Therefore, you need to buy a mat with optimal thickness with a maximum of 6mm thickness.


The material of the mat is crucial as you are going to sit on it with bare legs and your bare skin is going to be in contact with it for a long time while going various exercises. If the material is not of high-quality, rashes and allergies can appear on the skin. The material has to be eco-friendly and skin-friendly. You should avoid the ones made with latex as they are the culprits behind the allergic reaction. Natural rubber, premium-quality PVC, and even vinyl are good for the skin. Even jute and organic cotton material are great.


Different features are available on different mats. The essential feature to have is that the bottom surface has to be non-slip in property and so should be the upper surface. In that case, the mat can be used on both sides. There are some mats available which will absorb sweat as you are likely to get sweaty when you work out for a long time. The mat should not allow bacterial growth and prevent foul smells.

Apart from these, you can look at various mats with beautiful prints and designs which will enhance you psychologically to use them every day. The size should always be large and a strap must be provided to roll it on and strap it to store in a limited space.


There is no harm in buying an oversize mat for yoga and exercise as it covers more area and you can do various stretching exercises conveniently. Keep the above-mentioned parameters in mind and get a comfortable mat that has all the required properties to enhance you to do exercise regularly without aching your body and preventing accidental injuries.

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