A drafting table has various applications such as drafting, painting, drawing, general writing, viewing documents and what not. A drafting table is indispensable for artists as they need the best surface for drawing and writing. It must be very stable on any surface as the artists can perform its tasks whimsically at any place and the surface must stay stable for the transcription of thoughts into words and sketches. Some of the drafting tables are very versatile such as their height and angle can be adjusted. The following is the list of top 10 best drafting tables for artists in 2021 that will fulfill all your requirement perfectly.

Table of Best Drafting Table For Artists:

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1. STUDIO DESIGNS Comet Center

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This is a very durable drafting table which is made up of strong gage steel. It is 50 inches wide and comes in three pieces. The complete set includes a stool and storage drawers. It also has six-floor levers and can be adjusted to 20 degrees. There is a pencil ledge for you to conveniently place your tings. In the storage drawers, you can store your important documents. This is not only ideal for your workplace but also at home.

2. Dorel Living Drafting Desk

Dorel Living Drafting Desk
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This drafting table is made up of wood and has got espresso finish. Apart from the table top three open shelves and an additional two drawers for you to store your documents. It has got a two-split option with extra storage space. It is very creative and comes with a dimension of 21” x 47.5” x 36”. It weighs less than 60 pounds and is perfect to place your desktop. This can be used for any purpose and is also very reliable.

3. ZENY Adjustable Glass Top Desk

ZENY Adjustable Glass Top Desk
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This is designed in a very mobile way to perform your work. It is not only convenient but also stylish and will last for a long time. The glass is tempered proof and includes two slide-out drawers. This is also a shelf underneath and the rolling wheels make it easier to move from one place to another. The height can be adjusted to your preference and comes in a dimension of 39.6” x 26.2” x 5.7”. Even if you raise it to any angle then it will not fall.

4. STUDIO DESIGNS Graphix II Workstation

STUDIO DESIGNS Graphix II Workstation
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This drafting table features a dual top surface which allows you to have maximum space. The height can be adjusted in your own way from 30 to 39 inches. It weighs 65 pounds and you can perform many projects at one time with this table. This is made up of metal and will last for a long time. This is a very good looking desktop where you can perform multiple tasks. There is also an open shelf beneath the table and is very easy to assemble.

5. Studio Designs Futura Craft Station

Studio Designs Futura Craft Station
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This is one of the most stylish drafting tables for artists. It is a multipurpose table and can also be used as a light table. The top is made up of tempered safety glass and the top angle can be adjusted. There is also three molded slide out drawers that can be mounted on either side of the table. It is 58” x 26” x 5” in dimension and weighs 51 pounds. This contemporary table’s top can be adjusted in any angle and also includes pencil ledge slides.

6. South Shore Pure White Craft Table

South Shore Pure White Craft Table
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This beautiful table is made up of scratch resistant and water resistant material. It is made from laminated particleboard which is non-toxic and includes four storage baskets. The modules are interchangeable on either side and are suitable for any kind of task. It is also very easy to wash and comes with a guarantee of five years on the furniture. The product can be kept either in the home or in office and you can work in this either by sitting or standing.

7. Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table

Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table
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This is a simple yet stylish table for artists. The height can be adjustable from the top and appears in an antique finish design. It is very durable and made up of the solid wood frame. There are also built-in pencil groove and pencil ledge. It weighs 27 pounds and the product dimensions are 36” x 24” x 45”. You can perform multiple tasks in this table as the table top can be adjusted in any angle. This solid oak table will look great at home or office.

8. Comet Center with Stool

Comet Center with Stool
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This drafting table for artists comes up with a slide-up pencil ledge. There is also a desktop storage shelf and has got six-floor levers. The table’s top can be adjusted and you can use it as a flat table or to an angle of 32 degrees. It is also durable and is constructed of strong gage steel. Its dimension is 39” x 25.2” x 5.5” with a weight of 55 pounds. Included in the table are a padded stool and a storage drawer.

9. Tangkula Drafting Desk

Tangkula Drafting Desk
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This table is very convenient to assemble and can be done quickly. It can be used in many ways, like painting, drafting, and others. The board of the table is made up of strong quality MDF and has a PVC coating. There are steel frames and is very easy to clean. This can also be used as a computer table and includes two drawers for you to store your documents and stationery. The top of the table can be adjusted and the foot material is made up of ABS which does not destroy your floor.

10. Project Center Kids Craft Table

Project Center Kids Craft Table
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This is an adorable table which can be used in a variety of ways. This is simple and comes in a powder coating steel frame. It is very durable and very rigid. You can use it at home or at your workplace. The table also includes a bench as a complete set. The top of the table is laminated which offers easy cleaning. The dimension is 37.8” x 28” x 21.8” with a weight of 33 pounds. There is a paper roll to place any of your craft materials.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

Buying a drafting table may seem to be an easy task but if you do not keep a few parameters in your mind, you can end up buying a wrong-sized drafting table. Most of the people forget to check these parameters and they focus on the brands and reviews on the e-commerce sites and then regret their purchase once they receive the product.

Space Measurement

Buying a big-sized drafting space is not a good choice at all. It might become difficult for you to handle and you will be irritated while using it. Furthermore, if you are running short of space to store a completely open drafting table, you have to opt for a portable or foldable drafting table. But you must remember one thing that if you buy a full-fledged, you are going to be more stability from the legs and the table will be more sturdy in comparison to foldable ones.

Table Top Size

Depending on your purpose, you have to buy a drafting table with the requirements top area. The top area of drafting tables differs a lot even though the area of the legs may be the same. If you are buying it for writing purpose, the area may not be big as it is inconvenient to write on a large surface. But if you are buying it for drawing or painting, you need a large surface.

Material and Design

There are various types of material used to construct a drafting table for artists. Some of them come with a steel frame and top while some have wooden structure. There are many which have a glass top. The design also varies a lot. Some of them come with accessories like storage tray area, drafting lamp area, parallel bar, and board cover. There are a four-post table, pedestal table, fold-a-way table, and likewise. As per your need and suitability, you should consider all the structure and their features to choose the best one for you.


There are different types of drafting tables available for the artists based on the features they have to offer. For some artists, the height and the angle of the drafting table have to be adjusted from time to time. Not all drafting tables have this adjustable feature. The extent of height and angle adjustment also varies from table to table. It all depends on your usage and then buying accordingly to meet all requirements with on the table.


Choosing a correct drafting table depends solely on the purpose you are going to use it for. Go through e features and specifications minutely to understand which one of the top 10 best drafting tables for the artists in 2021 is fulfilling all your requirements completely and only then make a purchase so that it is worth your money.

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