The world is rapidly growing technology is constantly getting better. More products are now created for the convenience of consumers. One of these technological products is a customized application for your business. Once your application is launched in the market, it can reach the target audience and enable you to grab your customer’s attention.

Services like software development have now become a sought-after service in the market. Applications take a lot of time for them to be launched in the market. A mobile application for online selling, for example, can take up to 4-6 months to be developed. The development can be expensive too. However, you can monetize your mobile application to earn higher revenue. To monetize your mobile application, the following procedures need to be followed.

In-app email strategy

It is observed that people these days don’t change their email addresses so this is a bonus point for all the application owners as it will provide more room for email marketing strategies to be conducted. According to In-app email strategy can be a beneficial step to indulge more customers towards your app, as convenient and systematic emails to the clients will highlight the features of your brand may increase brand loyalty. This strategy can be carried out by adding an email subscription form into your application and motivate your users to enter their email addresses specifically if you offer something free.

The strategy can also be utilized for promotions or deals by sending an access code in the email which can be used by your customers into the application. This way you can grab the attention of your clients and make your app popular in the market.

The freemium application models

The freemium application is one of the most common ways to monetize your application. Users are more likely to download applications that are free. This way, they can download a free version of the app and later upgrade to the premium model. This is a very effective procedure in order to generate money from the application as users get an easy invite to download the app because it is free and won’t cost them anything. Secondly, users can try the product to decide whether they want to move towards the premium version of the app or not which means users are going to trust your app before buying it.


Advertising has always played a vital role in boosting your marketing strategies and this is why it has gained so much popularity all over the globe. Digital advertising has changed the course of the game by bridging the barriers between consumers and advertisers as people spend plenty of their time using their phones and other devices. Free applications have an edge over the paid apps. So the best way to monetize your applications is to include advertisement strategies within your application while keeping the app free for the users.

The types of advertising used in the tech-driven world are as follows:

Full-screen Ads

This type of advertisement does not interrupt the user experience and are more likely to produce clicks without distracting the user.

Notification Ads

This type of advertisement functions by sending your users notifications and alerts. They pop up in the status bar and inform your customers with promotional content.

Capture form

This type of ad offers tokens and points for the users who provide their email addresses, among others.

Advanced overlay

An advanced overlay is a combination of capture form and full-screen ad which interact with the users instead of displaying clickable images.

Banner Ads

Banner ads can be very annoying to the users as they are found at the top or at the bottom of the screen and are ineffective.


Having a sponsorship can greatly help you monetize an application as users on various applications can see the app logo during the usage. If it is used effectively then it can be quite favorable for your business. The click-through rate (CTR) can enable users to directly visit your application if the app sponsor contains advertisement featuring your app. This will automatically enable you to attract more users as well as generate money for you.

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