In this review, we will consider how WordPress for affiliate marketing works by using the website as an example.

This website is actually a home page which represents the newest ranking of the most innovative testosterone boosters (natural supplements which can be taken almost without any restrictions). A separate review with an affiliate link is written for each of the offered testosterone boosters. This helps enhance the efficacy of both boosters and affiliate links.

This is a product which really enjoys wide popularity and demonstrates a good conversion rate.


This website was created with the use of theme Krunk. This is in fact a WordPress theme which was recognized as one of the best and most promising themes among the similar ones.
Krunk is a skillful combination of prominent, attractive colors and laconic design which provides nothing superfluous. In our case, it encourages the appealing effect of testosterone boosters described on the website. As a result, it’s possible to increase sales through both the website itself and affiliate links.

This WordPress theme offers a perfectly organized customizer, ensures high performance, requires no coding knowledge, provides SEO optimized solution, and gives the users many other advantages.
Krunk is able to satisfy the design, performance, and user-friendliness demands of each user – from the beginners to the highly experienced experts.


The creation of content for the home page is one of the key tasks for everyone wishing to build up the website. That’s because the home page is indeed a face of any website. And the success of website which in our case promotes testosterone boosters greatly depends on the home page presentability and the first impression made on the visitors.
So, to draw as much attention to the information or products, for example testosterone boosters, the texts on the website should be:

  • Quite big: Text should be long enough to communicate the key idea and provide all the major details. But here it’s important not to overdo with the text size. Otherwise, you will lose the reader’s focus.
  • Informative: Content should provide enlightening information on the issues brought up on the website.
  • Well-structured: Perfect structure of the text is crucial since it makes the text professional and forms a logical and coherent framework.
  • Filled with keywords: Carefully choose keywords and be certain that the home page includes the rightest of them in order your website could appear on the Google first page.

Also, it’s important to provide the links to separate reviews. This is a well-working technique used to increase conversion rates. And this is what we actually see through the example of the website drumming up testosterone boosters.
In addition, it wouldn’t come amiss to use external links to the authoritative information sources in order to build trust with the website visitors.

3 Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing can be a powerful weapon able to help you win in the fight for much higher profits regardless of whether you sell testosterone boosters just as in our example or any other product or service.
By using the following tips, you are sure to make affiliate marketing as effective as possible.

  • Care of Reliability: Affiliate links which you are going to offer on your website should be absolutely reliable. Your clients should be convinced that you promote only the products of superior quality which are 100% safe and useful to your website visitors. If not, you run the risk to lose the repeat website users.
  • Give the Information the Readers Really Need: When adding affiliate links, you get a chance to do a favor to your website readers. That’s because in such a way you give more comprehensive information to the website users. When the users are supplied with the extended information on a certain topic such as testosterone boosters or any other one through affiliate links, the users have the feeling that they finally found everything they were looking for. The more helpful information you offer, the more visitors will want to come back to your website.
  • Create Own Formula of Affiliate Product Use: You should carefully familiarize yourself with the existing affiliate marketing options and thoroughly analyze the needs and requirements of the website users to get to know what they aspire to receive. When you combine various affiliate programs and even develop own ad deals, you will achieve a greater success. By doing so and trying to pick an individual approach to your customers, you will satisfy their demands to the greatest extend, as well as increase your own earnings.

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