Growing your Instagram may seem daunting, however with the right footing and some knowledge you can do it quite quickly. Here are some tips from Famoid that will help you grow your account.

Prettify Your Instagram Feed

The most successful Instagram accounts keep a singular theme to the pictures they display and generally express the same style and aesthetic. This is not a difficult task, but it does take some planning.

1. Figure out what you like

Begin with a close examination of the people you follow on Instagram. Which are your favorite instagrammers? Take a look through their feed and see if you notice anything important. Are the colors bright or muted? Do they favor any specific styles? Taking a note of these things will allow you to assemble an overall look for your feed as well.

2. Plan ahead

The secret to a great Instagram account is a lot of planning. A great idea many instagrammers use is to take many photos in a single shoot so thy have plenty of posting material for the rest of the week.

This preplanned presentation of your photos will do much to build that winning consistency. It also makes things easier for you when you get busy during the week.

3. Give your images a single consistent look

Branding is what it’s all about and a successful branding will include good consistency. Consider picking a filter that flatters your subjects and use this one and no other, or at least more than the others.

I have a favorite tool for editing all my images has a great selection of individual filters, Yes, I do all my work on my Mac. Some other tools you may find effective include VSCO, Afterlight, and Colorstory all of which can be found in the App store.

Post Meaningful Content

Bing an Insta-Yogi does not imply that all your yoga poses be super advanced and difficult. Unless this is the theme of your content.

It’s a better idea to post your photos with a purpose. In addition to being pretty, you want your pages to have a substantial meaning.

Being a perfect image can make you seem lofty and unattainable. Take some time to share a bit of the real you with your audience. The behind the scenes shots are always a great complement to your picture perfect photos.

Make your descriptions real and relatable. A handstand alongside a Rumi Quote has been done to death. Try something a little more original.

Make sure you mention your products, blog posts or any other services regularly in your posts. How else will your audience know what you are doing?

You will want to use your Instagram account to bring people to your website and get them to sign up on your email list. If you fail to mention your products and services alongside your pretty planned pictures, you are missing a chance to make a good connections with some potential customers who will be interested in coming to workshops or taking advantage of your products and services.

Be Consistent

If you are serious about growing your Instagram followers, you have to be consistent and post regularly.

It is my recommendation that you post at least 1 or 2 pictures each day and only one at a time. This will ensure you are not spamming your followers.

Take time to think about when your followers will be online. But, don’t get too carried away on this note, it is best to post at a time that works for you as this is a more personal touch.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are an important way of getting your posts in a collection of photos that also use the same hashtag. This makes your content searchable and well-connected to others looking for your content.

Anyone looking through a specific hashtag category will see your content listed in the same hashtag. This is a terrific way to cultivate insta-relationships.


Investing in your Instagram account will help it grow a lot faster than trying to do so on a low or even no budget. Getting Instagram likes with ads is a good idea as it allows you to grow your account via advertising but as your account looks more popular, you will do so organically too. It’s a smart strategy that can pay dividends.

Here are some Tips for Hashtags:

Use those hashtags that your audience uses as these are relevant.

Some of those less popular hashtags can get you the best results. This is because they are not lost in the confusion.

Only post a single hash tag with your original post. You can then post as many as 30 in the comment boxes below.

Don’t be limited by what you see, invent some of your own crazy hashtags.

Connect and engage

To grow your Instagram account you will need to make some strong engagements on Instagram. It’s not enough to have a well-appointed fed and great pictures. Find accounts you like and follow their posts as well this is how you will build the community and attract followers yourself.

Furthermore, always engage with your followers if they leave a comment, be sure you reply.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche so that you can be found easily.

These 5 important Instagram strategies form an important cornerstone of your Instagram account and will allow you to pull in more followers. Whatever you do, don’t underestimate your capacity to get out there and become an insta-yogi. Just be authentic and you will find your real people.

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