Through sharing content that was created and published by other brands online through your own brand’s social media accounts and online presence, you are able to further engage your audience with things that interest them and are relevant to your brand and its identity.

Typically, your brand sharing the content of others would simply be for the purpose of giving more value to your target market and to show that you are paying attention to things in the industry outside of only your own business. However, with certain tools now available online, your brand can gain more from sharing and social posting than it ever was able to before. Your brand can utilize content sharing to generate unlimited leads and to get conversions.

Sniply, an online tool that allows you to add your brand’s own messaging to any content on the web, is a helpful way to get leads and conversions that you may not have gotten otherwise. It uses the online shares of articles to drive traffic back to your website or blog through a customized message that you create.

Rather than simply sharing the content of other sites and blogs that you find interesting and of relevance to your brand (which is an activity you should definitely do for your brand!), get those shares to do something bigger for you in return. With Sniply, strong mutual relationships are formed between your brand and the other brands whose content you share. Your brand shares content from another, giving the other brand exposure, and your brand can link back to itself and get traffic to its online channels in return.

How does Sniply work?

Essentially, Sniply functions like a URL shortener. It takes the original URL of a site that you paste into it and gives you back a shortened version to post and share to your audience. Unlike other URL shortening services, however, Sniply allows its users to share a version of the page in a frame instead of just a site’s page as it originally appears, only now with a shortened URL address.

On this new version of the page that Sniply creates, the sharer can place their own link or message for those who view their share to encounter. The Sniply user is able to use the content of others to promote their own products or services with the messaging they choose to include in the sharing of the page version.

How to start using Sniply:

  1. Create an account on their site. A basic membership is free! Create your own account from the site’s homepage and begin using the tool to get traffic and leads from your brand’s content sharing online.
  2. Input the content that you want to share. Copy and paste the link to the content you wish to share so that Sniply can go on to generate a new URL for it and give you the opportunity to add your own messaging.
  3. “Snip” and fill in the proper information. Click the “snip” button and fill out the necessary information in the box in order to customize the content your brand is going to share. In the message, your brand can include its domain name in order to have it seen by users and build brand identity, then direct them to your site. Or, you can make the text a general description of what it is linking to, like “Tips to Improve Your Health” for a landing page about a health-related topic. A CTA in your message is a good idea as well, whether it be to “Learn more now” or to “Check us out here.”
  4. Copy and share the new custom URL that is generated. With the shortened URL that Sniply creates and the custom message/advertisement you have added to the content, you can now share it to your audience.

Choosing what to share by way of Sniply and posting to social media accounts

Search for sites that are relevant to your brand and what it offers, and choose the ones with the best content garnering the most engagement and shares from people on the web. You can use Google Trends to learn what the most popular searches related to your industry and target market currently are, then see which sites appear at the top of the results pages for those specific searches.

How your Sniply and general social shares will benefit your brand

Through the online sharing of content created by others, your brand is able to demonstrate to internet users that it is paying attention to what all is out there and is, as a result, able to keep followers more engaged with new, fresh material from different outlets and sources.

Using Sniply and social media networks to post content that you wish to share will also generate leads that become conversions by creating a link between your brand and the other brand. Connecting your brand to brands that have established themselves as credible and as popular resources help you to achieve the same status.


When sharing anything online on behalf of your brand, you need to be able to track it and know whether it is successful in its outreach and promotional efforts. A Sniply account even comes with its very own analytics dashboard. Once you have used the online tool to create a new shareable URL that promotes your brand, you can use the dashboard to check on its overall performance and whether it is doing its job in generating leads. It allows you to see how many views your share has received, how many conversions it has gained, the average amount of time people spend on the page, and more.

When your brand shares content online that was created by other brands and individuals, it shows its audience that it is aware of things outside of itself and that it wants to provide them content of the best quality and that is of interest to them. In the past, though good, those were the only ways in which sharing content online proved beneficial to your brand. Now, with Sniply and its ability to customize content before you share it socially, your brand can promote itself while sharing and generate leads and conversions.

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