In making web design effective, there’s knowing all aspects of the user experience. Getting across the website value proposition is a goal common desired. This gets done with effective UI/UX design on it. It is with the proper flow of information to the user. The term UI is for ‘User Interface Designer.’ The term for UX is for ‘User Interface Engineer.’ They have two completely different jobs altogether. The focus is to allow the user to easily navigate through a site going from one piece of information to the next. Conveying the company value proposition, or mission statement can be done this way. Giving them access to information that leads directly to the point. They will then be able to quickly see the value proposition when it is selected. The job takes gathering data by the UX designer so it is stored accurately for the interface design. Once all the data is organized he may set up the interface so it goes there. The part that is done by the UI Designer is the visual aspects. Creating a path that gets the user from the start in a way that looks nice. Both of them have similar roles to play.

The elements of graphic design are done by the UI Designer. He must know things like typography, layout, and color palettes to achieve it. He makes the website work by getting it designed well. The navigation works better this way because it visually communicates each page well. The UI designer must also know the branding process. This is placing the identity of the business in it well. They then are msking a website that visually appeals to all. The purpose of the UX designer is to let them get to each page with understanding. Getting to the company mission statement takes these steps. So the combination of good UI/UX gets it there. They will feel the ease of each page connecting to each other. They will find what they are looking for by the interface working well. The process of design is the same as any graphic design project. The layout will help the user analyze and see where they must go. This is a job that helps the promotion the most. Because the visual entity keeps them focused on it. When the user needs information regarding company value proposition, they select the icons going there.

It is all apart of a collection of data the UX designer puts together. He organizes all the data and places it in categories. Making it flow together well so it is found easily. This work is how a website gets made, with good navigation skills. All the users on it can get from one piece of information to the next. With the results going toward the required information. Working as a UX/UI Designer at iciDigital is Eric Guess. His job leads to doing important information architecture. This helps the flow of data be reached well by users. He says you have to be able to paint a picture, as well as tell a story they can understand. He makes the point that by allowing them quick access to data lets his company communicate well. He works on both the layout and engineering aspects himself. Spending time wireframing each specific part of the webpage. This is what a business needs to get their views out to the public. When there trying to show the company value proposition, it is with an interface that leads them there. For many website designers they know programming the basics of it well. But the job of UX/UI designers is to give it good flow.

For the business to work properly they must have a boss. This is done by an Art Director who oversees each step. The UX/UI designers make the website based on his recommen-dations. The purpose is for a well designed website that shows the companies identity. There working hand in hand to give users the look there business uses. All the research for it by UX designers takes days to get. They must carefully integrate each one so the page connects to each one. Then when the mission statement is needed, the user has quick and easy access to it. Grasping all this information must be done first. The amount of data differs for each company. It is their purpose to get the most important data out first. Giving the user the feeling that it is smooth and easy. Not many websites work very well without it. The task requires them to be an information architect. Building each block of the page one by one. Then the rest of the job is by the UI designer. Creating colorful graphics that show the companies brand identity.

This is where the ideas get visually creative to show the companies products. Other web designers try but don’t focus as much on the flow of data. They offer similar services but are not giving as much with interaction. The nice thing about UX/UI design is that it looks at all the information. Then categorizes it so the user finds it well. With each step leading to the other to get to the final result. Once a webpage get User Interface Design there giving them better navigation. With a purpose thstbis clearly placed out in order to be reached well. Also working at iciDigital in Chicago is Devin Harold. He is a UX Architect and UI Designer. He spends his time researching the users specific needs. Then analyzes it well so it gives good depth, and perception on it. He builds prototypes for it, and looks at models to understand the process. The main result is a webpage with color that flows smooth from end to end. Then it is the users who navigate through it performing tasks well. They desire each part to function well together. Making a unique design that is enjoyed each time. Then they have done their jobs very well.

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