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Speaking as a person that personally owns an Android, I can tell you it’s really simple and easy to backup photos and upload them to your Gmail or to the cloud or whatever that thing is, for you to store all of your precious and fond memories. I’ll provide an example, when I first got my new phone, it gave me the option to backup all of my photos and even to restore old photos to my new phone, this is a rare case I’m sure, because most likely you aren’t using a brand new phone, but in case you are here’s a tip the phone is automatically program to have backup data and pictures or all forms of media really too your Gmail or your cloud.

In the opposite case where you aren’t using a brand new phone, you will want to link your Google account or whatever email address you’re using, preferably a Google address because it won’t sync up and backup your photos or any data that you want to save. Now the instructions to carry this out are just a little bit lengthy so bear with me. You’ll want to go into settings, then follow by going to users and accounts, which will and should lead you to your google account. Simply press sync and you should be ready to go and save your photos, videos, or any media that you have on your phone.

There are countless videos on YouTube that show you how to save your photos, and other tech based sites that will give you similar instructions depending on your device. With this in mind, based on the phone or device that you’re using, the steps may differ. Although I’m not aware of what device you may be using at the moment, based on personal experience, whether you’re using a brand new out of the box phone, or something you’ve had or just gotten recently, or even if it’s a phone you’ve had for a moment, and just hadn’t had the chance to figure out yet, if this advice doesn’t help, you can consult any tech website or YouTube to help you arrive at a solution.

No matter the steps you take though, I’ve found that backing up photos or any other sort of media is ridiculously easy, so don’t become intimidated by the task, because it really isn’t insurmountable. Provided you have a phone like mine however, the interface is designed so that anyone can navigate with any given instructions, it’s intuitively and elegantly designed so that you can return to the home screen without worry of getting lost, so when you’re rummaging through all of the different screens and menus, only assuming that you are not in the place you need to be, just press the home key at the bottom of the screen to return to the home page or screen and start over, but the instructions I’ve given are short and to the point.

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