Getting backlinks is one of the most important and difficult processes in SEO. A webmaster should be able to write useful content, sell, program, and know everything about behavioral marketing. Backlinks continue to have an impact on promotion, which means that you need to know how to increase the link mass of your website.

The Basics of Getting Links

Major SEO companies analyzed 1 million Google search results and proved that backlinks had a larger impact on search results than other factors. They remain the basis of the ranking algorithm because they allow the most accurate assessment of the benefits of a particular resource.

There are hundreds of thousands of different pages on the Internet. It is extremely difficult to rate each one, so a new ranking factor has been added. Referential citation works according to the following principle: the more references a specific document has, the more useful and valuable it is. As part of our post, we will tell you how to save money on buying backlinks and share different high quality backlinks free ways to use (or without paying sky-high amounts).

1. Social Networks

Using social media is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to get backlinks and ensure increased visibility of a company in search results. Some platforms allow getting “dofollow” backlinks; others work exclusively with “nofollow” links. Although the value of the former is higher, you should not underestimate the latter type of links. A good link profile is a combination of “dofollow” and “nofollow” links.

  • LinkedIn – A blogging platform within the social network enables users to seamlessly post “nofollow” links in their publications, which is extremely useful for diluting your link profile organically. Well-written posts rank well in organic search, so you have all the chances to properly promote your product.
  • Pinterest and Tumblr – The two major global platforms for visual content exchange allow you to publish content with “dofollow” links and successfully advance organic image search.
  • Youtube – If your content strategy still doesn’t cover YouTube promotion, then it’s time to consider it, at least to ensure your increased visibility.
  • Reddit – It is one of the services that are extremely strict to users posting spam and require people to deliberately and appropriately place links. Although it may sound intimidating, once you understand the rules of the game, the link posted on Reddit will not only become a decoration of the link mass but will also redirect targeted traffic to your online resource.

2. Blogging Platforms

Independent blogging platforms, as well as relevant services from leading search engines, can provide backlinks and additional traffic. When posting your publications on such platforms, do not forget that the publication of the same content on all sites will work against you. In addition, each of the sites has its tone of voice and copy specs that should be taken into account when developing content.

  • Blogger (ex-Blogspot) – It is a blog service developed by Google and giving the ability to get “dofollow” links.
  • Medium – A major independent service that boasts of great popularity in professional circles. Alas, Medium links are provided with the “nofollow noopener” attribute.

3. Services of Questions and Answers

The best thing about Q&A services is associated with directing traffic to the LP. Typically, Q&A services automatically add rel = “nofollow” to all links, but you shouldn’t think that your online project does not need such links. Here, several basic Q&A services deserve special attention, which can be useful for promoting your projects:

  • Quora – A large international service where many people search for answers;
  • Yahoo Answers – A great service from the Yahoo search engine. It will come in handy for all, no matter what niche your business occupies and what market it is targeted toward.

4. Forums

Commenting on forums is one of the simplest and most effective link building methods. To use it, you just need to find relevant platforms with topics that are most suitable for your niche.

You must first check the following:

  • Does the forum have traffic?
  • Is there regular activity on it?
  • Who visits the forum: real users or link builders?

In the process of writing comments, keep an eye on the rules of each forum. Some of them require that the user earns a reputation for posting links; otherwise, they exclude this possibility. Violation of the rules may lead to a temporary and even life-long ban.

Summing up

The formation of a link profile is one of the most challenging processes in search engine optimization. However, you can reduce financial costs significantly by using free backlink sources. The above platforms will serve as a good basis for building a strong link mass for your online project.

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