You just landed on a website that seemed like a spitting image of the previous website you visited. You are wondering whether or not the latter website is legitimate. Why would someone create an exact replica of another website and risk their reputation, you ask. The truth is, now there is what is called white label website service that is offered by one company to another so that the second company can make use of the features and resell the services after rebranding them. Sounds complicates? It’s not.

As you can see, website design service is a 90 billion dollar market, yet more than 30 percent of websites service agencies haven’t tapped into its potential. Most agencies want to offer website creation, development and plenty of other services related to web design but don’t know how to utilize further. As you sit there and stare at the window screen, the chat representative feeds you the first line in the script that looks familiar as well. What’s is going on? Exactly, these are services offered by one single company to its clients so that the clients can make use of the features available and under their own name.

White labeling has been in the news for the past decade. As noted earlier, it allows you to sell website solutions to your clients without going into details of creating the website, learning the various coding languages and so on. Your white label service provider will do all the hard work. You can resell and reuse anything that they offer with their permission as long as you adhere to the rules which are not many to mention. You will be able to sell website hosting, website content, website creation service, add-on products and much more.

“Of course, no”, you think. “Why would you want to sound like another website and come across as a copy cat?”. Well, this is not the case always because your service provider will listen to you tentatively, collect your needs and make sure that your set of services is unique. Additionally, you can sell the service with your own brand name to your clients as well as at a price that you set. In essence, white label selling works in a simple way: Company A who is a white label service provider partners with Company B. Company A designs, creates and manages websites on the behalf of Company B that the Company B is ready resell to its customers under its own brand. Company A will take care of all the website needs for Company B, from coding to delivery. In general, Company A works behind the scene while Company B is exposed to the outside world and takes credit for the service.

The best thing about this type of partnership is that, Company A is mostly a hassle-free service provider and Company B accepts no risk at any stage. Company B in fact can avail the service at a wholesale price and serve its clients on time. Taking advantage of this type of partnership offers huge gains for the clients without adding overhead or feeling underrepresented in the crowd.

For many years, companies large and small have built a huge network of clients and vendors through white label selling service. Websites are at the core of any business’s online presence and hence there is a need to simplify the process and make it innovative and interesting at the same time. By having a provider by your side, you will be able to funnel every aspect of digital marketing to your website in an efficient way mainly because they know the trade better. You can also uncover new opportunities in the market that your haven’t thought before and have all the time to explore them in length. Knowing what your client”s needs are and then relaying this information to your provider can streamline the process. It”s a no-brainer option if you are in the website service reselling business.

With that being said, let us take a closer look at what a white label service provider offers and what you can sell to your clients.

1. Website Hosting

Offering website hosting may be a straightforward way to make money. Better yet, having it done by the service provider you are affiliated with. As a website hosting provider, the last thing you want to do is master the technical aspect of the service when you can get everything done by a dedicated team of professionals. They take care of securing connection, site backups, virus protection, malware protection and other important things that come under hosting service. In essence, you focus on the needs of your clients while your provider does the heavy lifting.

2. Website Building

If you want to build a website that will give your clients reputation and credibility, this is what you must be doing – white label website service reselling. Additionally, these websites will let the customers be engaged or to be genuinely interested in what you have to offer. It will look modern and at the same time mobile-friendly as well. Your provider will offer full attention, mind and energy into building this website while you change the name, look and feel the way your clients want, thus meeting their requirements without much effort.

3. Website Content

White-labeled content service is becoming popular now-a-days. You can be a part of this growing trend by offering flexibility that your clients need. Many of your clients will be needing top-notch content as a part of their pages, newsletters and blogs. How about delivering the same without being an expert writer? Your providers will be able to create content for business purpose or for social media that will interest your clients’ customers and prospects. Selling content is also a great way to expand your service and generate extra income. Most businesses, at least when they are in the beginning stage, have the need for good content, and you can offer just that.

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