Ecommerce sales grow year on year, and in 2020, sales are expected to grow even further. Here are some helpful tips that can help you to grow your ecommerce store:

Build a mobile friendly website

A mobile friendly website is an important improvement to your ecommerce store. Google has marked mobile usability as third in the most important factors ranking your website. The mobile industry grows year on year, and with technology growing it’s only natural that online sales are also growing. A mobile friendly website is a website design that adapts attractively to be viewed on a mobile device. A mobile friendly website is likely to grab the interest of more customers and have them more likely to buy from your store.

It is always a good start to have a mobile friendly website, however, it is also effective to optimise your mobile website to improve the user experience of your website. It can help to build your credibility as an ecommerce, so that your customers are more likely to trust you and feel secure on your site. Refusing to have a mobile friendly website in this day and age will negatively impact your sales and success rate within search engines.


Business intelligence

Business intelligence is a combination of business analytics, data visualization, data mining, data tools, data infrastructure, and best practices. All of which can help your ecommerce to make decisions that are based on data from your own website. Therefore, business intelligence is an effective way of targeting your buyers and site viewers through the use of data from your own site. This can help you to make decisions in advertising, product placement, design layout, and it can also help to make overall more informed business decisions.

Business intelligence also provides historical, and current information on your business while forming predictions based on business trends. All of which provide the owner with information that can help them to improve and manage their business performance management to fit in with the trends of their customers.

Web analytics

Web analytics are tools that are designed to ease website analysis. They gather, organize, and present data to do with your site’s performance. It will provide you with information such as the number of visitors your site has had between a period of time, it will tell you what your most popular viewed product is, it can also provide the most popular link into your site (whether it be twitter, Instagram, or google etc.). This type of information will allow you to effectively update your marketing strategy by tailoring your advertising and time spent on the most popular methods that people find your site. It also allows you to focus your advertising on the most popular product.

Importance of product reviews

Reviews are an extremely important part of your ecommerce site, one that many often downplay as unimportant. When actually, customer reviews are very important in growing your business, they prove to your buyers that what they are buying is credible and trustworthy. A lot of your buyers will look to the reviews before buying from you. Therefore, the difference between a good review and a bad review can either gain or lose you a sale. You can even use your customer reviews on your site in order to sell or recommend a product to a customer. Reviews can be used as a source of proof that your store is legitimate, by working to influence your current buyers on whether or not to purchase from you. Ratings are a way to gain more exposure online, particularly among your industry, and if your reviews are good.

Ratings and reviews will always affect a buyer’s decisions, as an ecommerce you need to decide on which review/ratings system works best for you. Another tip is to not rely on your reviews to do well with your business, you have to make your reviews work well for you.

If you would like to increase the reviews on your site, try:

  • Using a tool that encourages customers to leave a review
  • Respond politely to all of your feedback
  • Always try to serve your customers
  • Use your ratings to your advantage.

Good reviews gain more customers in the future.

Ratings/reviews helps a business to grow and can also help you to navigate your market more clearly by taking into account the feedback you have been provided by buyers. Use your feedback from customers in order to navigate your business plans going forward.

Feedback from reviews

According to the customer feedback is one of the most effective ways to gain a reputation online. Feedback provides ecommerce owners with clear feedback of changes needing made in order to improve the store. It can even provide information on how to develop your product.

Customer feedback can be used to advertise your products and establish connections to your buyers. Most of all, positive customer reviews help to sell your product. Online reviews are an important part of online buying, many customers rely on this feature to tell them to tell whether a product is worth their investment or not. It is a fact that people are more likely to buy a product that has been positively reviewed by other customers. After all, the best judge of a product is the consumer. Therefore, customer reviews are helpful to both customers, and the store due to the feedback and reputation that reviews/ratings provide.


Gaining subscribers is an effective way to grow your business by updating people who are interested in your product on new offers, and products etc. Having somebody subscribing to your store means that they are interested in what you are selling and what you have to say. They will likely be the first ones to receive updates from your ecommerce and will therefore likely be the first ones to buy from your store when a discount is held, or a new product goes on sale. The more subscribers you get, the more traffic you will have on your site, therefore increasing the chance of a sale.

In order to gain more subscribers, you should clearly indicate your subscriber button form, by providing the subscribe button on every page of your site. This will provide more likelihood that someone will decide to subscribe. Make the subscription option visible and easily accessible in order to encourage people to subscribe due the ease of subscribing.

Make them want to subscribe by saying things such as ‘be the first to know when there is new stock’, or you can even offer discounts to subscribers to entice them. Make sure that value comes with subscribing, this will encourage site viewers to subscribe, making them more likely to buy from you in the future.

Include a page that is solely for subscription, this makes it easier for those to access who visited the page with the intention of subscribing.

Focus 80% of effort on your best products

As we briefly spoke about before, analytics tools will help you to pinpoint your most popular products, allowing you to focus on these products for advertising. Knowing the products that most people interact with will help you to market your products effectively by grabbing the attention of customers by using your most popular products. By focusing on the most popular products in your ecommerce, you can grow your store significantly, with less effort than advertising all of your products.

All of these tips will help you to grow your Ecommerce store, sometimes it is easiest to just listen to your customers. Truly listening to your customers through reviews and analytics will give you an accurate idea of where you can improve your service and advertising, in turn gaining more customers.

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