You are new to article writing. You can also be used to this type of writing. You need to optimize your content in the various search engines to maximize the number of visitors to your site. If you are an experienced wittier, you seem to be knowing the importance of Search Engine Optimization. You need to optimize your articles to be more visible in the various search engines.

Many article writers fail to take advantage of SEO optimizing in the world of writing. It is a very shocking revelation. For those who know the importance of this technological process, they fail to update the contents to reflect the changing times. By upgrading your articles, you stand to reap the benefits of SEO. So how do you optimize your SEO articles?


This is the initial step for any article writer. Useful content is very crucial as far as SEO writing is concerned. The various search engines have tools to detect how your content is relevant to the user. It is, for this reason, the inclusion of keywords becomes crucial. Keywords need not be stuffed. You will lose relevance and the point of writing. They need to connect and be of value to the topic under research. There are various tools like the Google AdWords Keyword tool which can help you in this process. They will significantly assist you in finding what readers actually want and what the competitors are using. You need to use these tools as many times as possible.

Make use of the keywords.

You need to identify the keywords which are most valuable to your article. That does not end there. You need to place them strategically where the various tools employed by the search engines can find and index your content. You need to include these keywords in the title. It will be effortless for the search engine tools to recognize them.

Keywords also need to be put in the various headlines and subheading. Various search engine tools are designed to give priority to these areas of your article. The other critical areas where you can place these keywords include the introductory and the concluding paragraphs. When you do this, it becomes easy for the search engines to give your article a priority when it comes to ranking.

Always ensure that you do not stuff your article with a lot of keywords. The act might make it hard for the various tools and human beings to read your article. This has the effect of irritating your readers. Additionally, the different search engines such as Google will penalize you for the errant behavior. Be strategic on how you use these works.

Reference the links of other related articles.

This might seem to be hard for many people. Many article writers think that by engaging in this, one would be promoting the work of the competitor at the expense of his or her content. However, this is not correct. It is a good practice in article writing. When you reference the work or other related articles, there are higher chances of getting a link back. This will increase traffic to your article. Additionally, search engines have tools to detect this actions, and as such, they tend to rank your article higher in the results of the search engine.


It is unfortunate to find that many writers tend to forget that images are also a part of the SEO writing when dealing with articles. You need to include the keyword when you upload your material. Additionally, the keyword is essential when you are giving a brief description of the photo in your article.

Making readers part of your article

Article writers need to appreciate their readers. As such, it is advisable to give them a chance to be part of your writing. This is achieved by having RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons. Thus, these readers will be in a position to subscribe to your various posts or articles and get alerts on your new articles. You tend to build a readership of your content. The subscribers get notifications on the latest activities in your article including new posts and photos. It is very convenient for them since they do not have to visit your site to check your new information.

The power of social media

Of late social media has been a useful tool in the area of SEO. In all your articles, you need to have links to your Facebook pages, Twitter, and Instagram among other social networking tools. What is more, you need to advertise your articles on these sites for more visitors. It is very cost effective and has the capacity of getting satisfactory results. When you follow the above SEO tips during your SEO Article writing process, you will benefit from increased traffic.

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