When you are looking for a web host for a new WordPress website or blog, there are several options available for you. There are hundreds of great web hosting service providers. This article aims at anybody creating a brand new WordPress website as well as those that have already created a WordPress site or unsatisfied with their current web host.

Since there are extremely many options available, most people mainly ask themselves how they can select the best web host for their WordPress blog or website. Certain factors play a significant role in determining the web hosting service’s sustainability. Those are some of the things that we’ll look at in this article to help you choose a web host that is perfect for your website or WordPress blog.
Importance of selecting the best web host.

There are certain upfront expenses you’ve to make when building an online asset or business online. With that in mind, it is worth spending some money in the area of web hosting. Hosting happens to be the foundation of the entire WordPress blog. This is mainly since the entire blog will go down if the hosting tends to go down. People will opt to look elsewhere especially if it is too slow. Additionally, you will get frustrated and stressed if the hosting does not have all the features that you want.

All these reasons make it necessary to spend some time figuring out the right web hosting service for your WordPress blog.

What is WordPress?

WordPress refers to the platform of content or blog management which makes it easy to manage and build a great looking site. There are a big support community and plugins that do anything you need as well as several beautiful templates and themes. Most web hosting firms have a 1-click WordPress installation, making it extremely convenient to utilize WordPress.

What does a good web hosting service consist of?

Some of the factors that you should consider when searching for a good company of web hosting include;

SSL Certificates

Most search engines ensure that websites are currently secure, particularly if one will be collecting credit card and personal information. SSKL Certificates assists in data encryption, which one can easily note when ‘https’ appears in the URL.


Security of a website is very essential since you not wish to be hacked. Similarly, you do not want the information of your customers to get hacked, especially if they’re few. You, therefore, have to note the type of security provided by a web hosting firm.


You’ll need an email address that’s professional which is a domain similar to the URL. Therefore, ensure that you choose a web hosting firm that additionally allows you to also add an email.


You do not want your WordPress blog to go offline at any time. It is therefore important to choose a web hosting service provider that’s reliable and maintains the downtime to the minimum.

Customer service

It is essential to select a web hosting company that offers great customer service. This is mainly because you’ll probably run into some issues when you begin building a website.


It’s also important to regularly back up your blogging site. You should, therefore, ensure that you choose a hosting provider that offers backup options.


A web hosting account that is shared should be very affordable while a dedicated and VPS hosting will probably be more costly.

Why you do not need free web hosting?

You certainly don’t need free hosting for your WordPress blog. Websites that provide ‘free online site builders’ such as Weebly or Wix offer zero flexibility. Besides, they make running a business in your website very difficult. We, therefore, recommend that you only use such sites if you only need to create a website that you will never be able to update about anything.

The main reason as to why you should avoid free hosting is the fact that you don’t have the control of your website. You may have a lot of content in your blog and it’s suddenly all gone because of accidentally posting something that is against their terms of service. Your business will then go down just like that. In simple terms, it isn’t worth using free web hosting services for your WordPress blog.

Common web hosting types

Once you begin researching the services of web hosting you will realize that that are various options of web hosting. This can be very confusing and one might end up choosing a hosting option that is more powerful than they needed. In this particular section, we will look at the common options of web hosting. These choices of web hosting include;

Shared hosting

This is probably the best option if the cost is a concern for you. The Shared hosting indicated that your site will be hosted on similar servers like many other sites, thus making these choices more affordable. Nevertheless, although this option is inexpensive, you should consider other factors such a security issue, site speed, and email deliverability. You should reach all these factors when considering to use shared hosting since website speed problems might have an impact on the SEO ranking as well as security issues. Some common providers of shared hosting include; Host Gator, Host Monster, Dreamhost and Bluehost.

Dedicated hosting

Unlike shared hosting where you’ve many websites in one server, the dedicated hosting means that you have a whole server to yourself. This type of hosting is expensive and fast. This is not a very good option for people with small websites or just starting.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting

Virtual Private Servers hosting is the cross between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. It’ the next step up that is reasonable after shared hosting. You can think of this type of hosting as your mini-server in a server. You’ll not have the entire thing but you’ll have a section that will be entirely committed to your websites. Therefore, you’ll not be affected by some limitations of shared hosting like the slow-down of traffic and viruses.

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