Setting up a professional email address with Gmail and G Suite is easy. Having Gmail for small to midsize businesses as well as large businesses is the professional way to go. G Suite helps your organization work together, faster, using cloud-based applications to make sure there is an atmosphere of collaboration, in real-time. G Suite allows employees to share files more easily, as well as work together all while being at different locations. Using G Suite can help you get more done every day. You make decisions faster, face-to-face. There is the option of one-click-video conferencing.

Content Management is provided by Drive Enterprise, which is Google’s cloud-based content management platform. Google-grade security, artificial intelligence, and real-time collaboration is an alternative to legacy ECM. You can use other tools like Microsoft Office. To set up a professional email, you log in with your password, and give the email a name. Gmail offers strict data privacy. We have top experts guarding your personal information. We have verified, public third parties that keep you in compliance. Discriminating industries and customers have chosen G Suite, including government agencies, global banks, and very well-equipped healthcare providers.

Plans for large companies come in the following values, Business, $10, offering an enhanced office suite, with unlimited storage and archiving, Enterprise, $25 a month with advanced controls and capabilities. All have 24/7 support availability. There are many security administration and controls, in the security center for G suite. There is also data loss prevention for Gmail or drive. Gartner has named Google a leader in the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms CCP. Google is allowing companies like Whirlpool Corporation to be innovative, faster, as geography is collapsed long enough to apply global ideas locally.

Google wants to move your business forward, working together with your company, in particular, if you have a partner. Google uses the cloud to run itself. There are security risks running a business on the cloud, as to how to safeguard data properly. Google runs our enterprise services on the same infrastructure that your organization will benefit from. We have dedicated security professionals that enable Google to stay ahead of the curve. Our clouds security involves custom electronic access cards, perimeter fencing and metal detectors at our facilities. We also use biometrics, as well as laser-based intrusion detectors that can make physical, real-world breaches a bad scene for possible attackers.

We promote a culture of secure data, as we think “security first,” as Google employs much full-time security and privacy professionals, such as some of the world’s leading experts in information, applications, and network security. In order to make certain that Google stays protected, we incorporate security into our software development processes. We analyze our information security architecture while performing code reviews that uncover security vulnerabilities so as we can understand the different attack models that come up for every new product or feature, as we have our G Suite Incident Management team look into it, at all times.

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