Your email list is likely to grow regardless of what customer service feature you use. Businesses that are fiercely in competition with each other, will use customer service to its full extent. This is why online businesses have increasingly been using live chat. Without a doubt, this has been the breakthrough many companies desperately needed.

Live chat has allowed companies to provide customer support instantly by chatting with the customer. However, not many businesses have been successfully using live chat to their full potential as it requires knowledgeable people to monitor the live chat. One must always be prepared to answer whatever questions a customer asks.

There are flaws with the system and when it’s done carelessly, it can be damaging to the business. If a customer perceives the live chat as frustrating, you may risk never seeing that customer again.

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Why Chatbots?

Nonetheless, chatbots are increasingly becoming popular. Nowadays, it’s clear to see that the majority of online shops and businesses that sell a service using chatbots. The reason for this is because such a tool doesn’t require a person to be constantly at a computer. Every question will be handled by a computer. Thus, every time you receive a question, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

It has been noted that chatbots will see a growth rate of at least 35% each year until 2021. This is because businesses use such tool as a smart way to grow their email list.

How To Create A Profitable Chatbot

Without a doubt, many of these created will fail as they haven’t been designed correctly. If you want to grow your list, you have to stand out from the rest. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you should check out the following tips:

Make It Understand Human Language

Such a tool is promising if the bot can understand what the person asks. If you’re thinking of designing one to fit your business, we recommend that you use artificial intelligence or some sort of smart tools. Take a look at weather chatbot Pancho:

As you can see, the chat has started off on a promising note. However, once the user asks about sunglasses, it provides a strange answer. The reason for this is because the algorithm hasn’t assimilated the word with what’s in the system. When you create such bot, you must ensure that you have covered every area. By doing this, you will see people more likely to give you their email address.

Make It Fun

Even though it’s a robot, it should act and speak like it. In addition to this, you also have to ensure that it uses good grammar and it doesn’t use overly academic language. It has been noted that a good chatbot has a good vocabulary, personality, and tone.

The main idea is that chatbots should entertain. Thus, it should have a persona. This will make it much easier for you to ask for their email address. Hence, you should consider adding:

  • Images
  • Gifs
  • Questions to live it up

A customer should feel like it has a conversation with the bot rather than be spoken at. A fun yet smart bot is more likely to win customers over.

Give It a Name

We strongly recommend that you give the tool a name based on its purpose. The main reason for this is because people will be able to find you with ease through Google search. Whatever name you choose depends on your brand. However, we advise that:

  • Keep the name short
  • Use descriptive language
  • Use catchy words

Finding the right balance when choosing a name is essential. This is why you should do thorough research and look at others.

Give Options

In the majority of cases, many chatbots fail because they don’t engage with customers. If you want to stay above your competitors, you should add multiple choices when having a conversation. If you want a basic and easy-to-understand bot, this feature will be a winning card. The conversation should be a two-way street. Therefore, every time you have included a “yes” or “sure”, you have it counterbalanced by a “no” and “not now”.

Whenever you want to ask someone for their email address, you should consider fun options. A boring “yes” or “no” is much easier to bypass than catchy phrases.

When Should I Ask for The Email Address?

If you do it at the beginning of the conversation, you may turn people off. In fact, asking people for anything it’s a social faux pas. It’s important to remember that email addresses are a personal thing. You shouldn`t expect people to give you their address just because you ask for it. However, you can use different tools to ease into it.

Using psychological tactics will help you to grow your list organically. For example, the escalation of commitment principle can be used when talking about chatbots. If the bot communicates with the customer for a considerable amount of time, that person is more likely to leave their email address.

Furthermore, you have to consider email addresses as currency. Therefore, in order to get it, you have to give something in exchange. Your chatbot can offer something in return. That something doesn’t have to cost you a large amount of money. You should consider items such as:

  • Newsletter
  • Infographic
  • Trial offer

There’s no hiding the fact that this tool will help you to gather more email addresses if you use it correctly.

The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to create it by yourself. There are many platforms online with competitive prices that you can use. However, we advise that you start with a free chatbot, then, you consider investing in a more intelligent one.

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