Have you ever looked at an article and it really drew you in? It truly captivated you. That is what a title can do when it is well written and it can truly capture the audience’s attention. That is why the SEO Vancouver BC experts are here to talk about how to write a title people will love. Keep reading to read exactly how you can do this for blog or articles you write in the future.

Make it mysterious

One of the best things that you can do is make it mysterious. This will intrigue people into wanting to learn more about the topic and will cause them to click on it. Here are two examples we want to share. The first title is “What you are missing in your Title to make it shine” the second title is “How to Write a Good Title”. Which one of those makes you want to read the article more? Your answer was probably the first one because it added mystery. What am I not going to learn if I don’t check out that article? Other ways you can add mystery is why stating what they will miss…The big thing you don’t realize if…or you could have a title such as a tip no one wants to share but we finally are. It creates suspense and as long as your article or blog is sharing what the mystery answer is, it is a great title.

Ask a question

Another way to write a title is to ask a question to readers. This will help them to start thinking. It will also help you talk specifically about something you are about to answer inside of the blog or article. An example of this would be doing you know how to Write a Blog Properly? The word properly in there is very important because it may get readers thinking, do I? Am I missing something? Am I doing it correctly? Asking questions allows them to think.

Show what they are missing

Just like adding mystery, you should be able to quickly paint a picture of what they are missing if they don’t continue and read this number. You could add in a quick statistic, you could add in the words “you don’t want to miss”. There are a lot of different ways you can do this but painting a quick picture is the best way.

Add numbers in the title

One of the best things you can do to make an easy title is to add numbers to the title of the blog or article. Make sure you don’t write these numbers out. You want the numbers to be actual numbers. People resonate with a number and it’s easy for them to read and understand. Some examples of this would be the 1 thing you need to understand about real estate. Or 10 things you need to understand about real estate. This also allows them to know exactly what you will be talking about.

Don’t make it too long

When a title is too long it doesn’t even end up being read. That is why a shorter will capture your audience’s attention more and make it more likely to be read. Although shorter is not always better, it’s the way you are using your words. Is there a shorter way that that exact phrase could be said? If so, try to switch the words around and make it sound like that. For example, some titles may be The titles that will capture the audience’s attention in a fun, creative, and meaningful way. Didn’t that sound long? It was obvious was the title meant but so many words did not need to be used. We would like to rewrite that title quickly to give you an example of a good and well-written blog. That title instead could say Great eye-catching titles that are sure to capture your audience. This has the same meaning but is said so much shorter.

Know your audience

The final tip we want to share is about understanding your audience. Understanding them is a must if you want to be able to sell to them or even get them to read the article. By understanding them you could make it a more fun article, you could make it more factual, there are so many different ways to do this. Before you write the title, quickly remember who you are writing to and for.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure your title stands out. In fact, did you know that 80% of people won’t continue reading the article if they do not like what they are reading in the title  This means the article or blog doesn’t end up evening mattering if you are not capturing their attention in the title? Make sure that you spend time on the title.

Many people also think they need to think of the title first. You can always work backward. You can write the entire blog and then think of the title as you go. This way you know exactly what you are writing about and you have time to think about what you capture the audience’s attention.

Keep these things in mind when you are choosing your title and you will end up having a great and powerful title that will draw your audience in.

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