Social Media has become a part of everyone’s daily life. There are countless reasons why a person would want to become Instagram famous. An Instagram influencer can quickly help grow a business, or bring out new opportunities for a person. Some people just enjoy having the title. Here are some steps to help you grow in whatever niche appeals to you.

Do Some Research

One of the first things to do if you want to become a expert in your niche on Instagram is to follow other Instagram accounts that are in the same niche that you are. Look at what they are doing, pay attention to the post that has the most likes. The likes tell you what people in your niche want to see.

Create A Good Profile Picture

A profile picture should be a visual representation of what a person should expect when they see your Instagram. If you’re doing something fitness related a picture of you in gym clothes would be good. Always take your picture up close with a plain background. If you have a company logo, it should be simple. Use only two colors for your company logo, a front color, and background color. Avoid using words for your profile picture because they will be too small for the people to read.

Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio is your chance to tell people what your account will be about. Make sure that your name is the company name. It is what people will search to find you. Talk a little bit about what it is you do or hope to achieve with the account. Instagram does have a word limit for their bios so make sure everything is right to the point. You can also share your website and email in the bio.

Identify When To Post 

Identifying your target audience is important for several reasons. One reason is that it will help you know when to post content.
Adults working 9 to 5 jobs are more likely to interact with Instagram in the mornings. College students are more likely to be active online at night or in the early hours.

There are tools you can use such as Iconosquare which uses a spreadsheet which will show you when you post and the amount of engagement you receive.


There is no magic number of Instagram pictures to post to gain the most followers. When growing your Instagram account, it is good to post one or two pictures a day. If you are unsure what to take a picture of you can ask friends or family for help. There are many Instagram photo a day challenges that you can find on the internet. Make sure that the content goes along well with your brand.

Use Descriptions To Your Advantage

Captions are almost as important as the pictures. If you do not caption your photo, you’re missing a chance to add personality and get engagements from your followers. Use emojis to highlight a call of action, or add personality to the post. Include a call of action to get people to like the picture, share, or go to a specific website. Instagram only allows businesses to have a clickable call of action. A good workaround is to add the call into the location to get it highlighted.


Hashtags are a vital part of Instagram. The hashtag is what Instagrams algorithm uses to help sort out millions of pictures and videos and turn it into searchable content. Instagram allows you to put up around 30 hashtags, but you do not need to use that many. Keep your hashtags relevant to your content and business. A good number to follow is around 15 to 20 hashtags. To keep a post clean and uncluttered post without hashtags at first and then add hashtags later as a remark.

Instagram Live

Instagram live is a good way to build your brand when done the right way. If you plan on going live have a plan. Keep things on a theme and precise. No one wants to watch someone ramble. Instagram live is good for showing demonstrations of an item. It is also good for question-answer sessions and telling short personal stories.

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