In Search marketing, it is massively important for you to stay on the top of search pages. This would help your website show when searches are run on target keywords. This has a lot to do with search engine optimization with meticulous link building. As marketers and website design companies, we are always trying to catch up with continuously changing Google algorithms. The reality is that it is tasking to keep up with these algorithms for the flurry of changes these search engines are mercilessly releasing.

But one way to achieve good results in the SERP’s is optimizing your website with very important targeted keywords, what is called as On-Page SEO. A great online marketing strategy must always begin with understanding what customers are looking for. Companies like Keen in Malta who offer professional SEO services, insist that a great online marketing strategy must always begin with understanding what customers are looking for.

It starts with getting the right keywords and basing your link building around it

Getting the right keywords would bountifully improve your on-page SEO. We may ask: what is on-page SEO? Yes, SEO or search engine optimization is encompassing and spreads across on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO refers to what information search engines show about your website. This is the content on your website, including the meta title, and description.

Off-page, on the other hand, is what other websites show about your website via means of external linking and other measures. Having laid this groundwork down, we must understand that finding the right keywords (buyer intent keywords), building formidable content around those strategic keywords and then possibly forming a constructive internal link building are the crux of on-page SEO. Now, how do we get these keywords?

When you are researching your keywords for your on-page SEO, you have to keep a keen eye out for seed keywords. It is safe to say these seed keywords are the foundation of your general on-page search engine optimization. Site optimization with these seed keywords can be enhances with strategic link building. But before we go in depth, what are these seed keywords?

Seed keywords are static in that they don’t change in most conditions. Long tail keywords are different from the seed keywords as the former can be deployed to modify the seed keywords. That is long tail keywords are formed when seed keywords are merged with modifiers. Every niche has its seed keywords. If for example, your website resides in the niche of weight loss say you are a supplement selling website. Then your seed keywords could be weight loss.

You can now churn this seed keyword with modifiers into weight loss supplements. These seed keywords are essentially tailored around what people would be searching for on search engines that would trigger the appearance of your website. After fetching these keywords, you can now bind all the content (or pages) with the keyword with well-planned link building.

You can get a grasp from the keywords your rivals are successfully using

However, you don’t always need to do all the heavy work to search for keywords. Your competitors or possibly your rival website design company in your niche may have done that research already. Taking an extensive clue from our previous example of weight loss supplements website, other websites selling these supplements with successfully SEO should have their keywords. For the fact that you share a niche with these websites, you can equally share targeted keywords with them. Such laziness is allowed. Simply type the keyword you are optimizing your website on Google for example, and the websites that show are your daring rivals. There you are with an example (competitor) to follow.

Doing Proper “Innovative” Keyword Research for Your Website’s On-Page SEO

Sometimes it is more rewarding to set the pace rather than follow the trail of your competitors or the trail of your competing website design companies. For this, you may have to explore keywords that have not been exhausted by rivals. Keywords associated with your niche that your rivals are not fully using may be a nice effective way for your on-page optimization while standing out from the crowd. You can take advantage of keyword research tools out there.

There is quite a nice pack of them that would help you navigate your way around finding the appropriate keywords. There is no definitive path however to locating your keyword. You could possibly try grabbing a couple of keywords from Google Keyword Planner, or even Google auto-suggest.

A deeper understanding of your niche is invaluable

Lastly, when researching for keywords, you need to completely understand your niche in its depth. By searching the internet, engaging in forums and social media groups, SEO agencies can get a deeper understanding of that particular niche and what customers are searching for online.  You must get as much information as possible in the sector you are. What do clients want? What are they likely to ask for today? What problems could they be seeking solutions for? The cardinal rule is that you must add value. All these can guide you along the route to obtaining the right keywords for your on-page SEO.

Good on-page SEO is ultimately finding the buyer intent keywords, that will generate revenue to the company, and improve the bottom line.

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