PHP is a programming language that is open source, and scripting language for creating web applications. In contrast, Word Press is a CMS -management system developed with PHP, HTML and CSS. The actual comparison is a custom PHP website or a Word Press website.
A person can get a new website, and think about what is required. If there is someone who is aware of PHP, regardless of the kind of CMS that needs to be put, you will be in a better position of customizing things and be in a position of operating with the functionality you need. In most situations, doing custom programming on a website can be problematic than it seems to help. There are many reasons as to why. They include:


In web design, if each site is a one-off, it will be hard to scale the business to tens or even thousands of websites. Additionally, every site will need coding each time, and that is very expensive. It will also need the service of a team of PHP developers. On the contrary, if a person comes up with useful templates for HTML, they will be able to create sites that are fully customized, but they can be established fast. Besides, customizing a template for a customer will need knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or CSS. The skills are known to be more prevalent as compared to programming. It is evident that if the templates are right, the processes will be stronger and the business will be more scalable.

Scope Creep

If a business owner sets expectations that they can do whatever their consumer wants, the expectations might be unrealistic, and they will be upset when the job has been completed. On the other hand, if a business owner sets expectations that are reasonable, the client might be disappointed in the beginning, but they will be happy when they realize that the expectations have been met.

The Upgrades

Custom PHP is known to bring about difficulties when it comes to upgrading. Additionally, if there is a change of something in the CMS, the custom code can be affected. The irony will be that the firm that released the CMS tested it, and proved that it is working, and there is no way a person can tell that the new version can work with the PHP code. A person, therefore, can never know if there will be a problem unless they conduct an upgrade. For every site, a person needs to cross their fingers by upgrading and dealing with complaints from consumers as difficulties can be met.

The Support

In web design, the more dissimilar websites are, the more it will be difficult to support them all. If something is not working as expected in one of the sites of the customers, a level one employee will not be able to tell if it is due to the custom PHP that was written. That is a clear indication that many issues will have to be directed to the developers. Furthermore, if the individual who writes the PHP code no longer works for the organization, someone needs to figure out how it works and what it does. Otherwise, if the sites are created on a good CMS lacking a custom code, the employees of the firm will have a much easier time locating the problem, and determining what led to the problem.

Conclusively, many website projects are in process. It is clear that websites that have been done on time and by the use of a low budget are appealing to every person. Several firms are capable of managing hundreds of websites, and they can do that with less support staff, and there is a lot that a person can learn from how they do it. One of the most important things that need to be done is to look for a good CMS. If a client needs something that cannot be done, it would be imperative to tell them the truth by informing them that the feature is not supported. Maybe, one or two customers can be lost to a rival, but they will have to pay for it in the long run. If there is a deal breaker that the client requires, it is imperative to write some few lines of PHP codes, and do not make it part of each project. Through that web, designers will sell more websites that are profitable. And here is anĀ example of a custom PHP site.

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