Every blogger and website owner will want their website to be easily found on a SERP or Search Engine Results Page. The phrases or the words that a user search should match with the website’s content. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the top marketing strategies for marketers. It is followed by bloggers and website owners to make their site efficient. Top marketers will always be keen on this factor. They always have their list of right keywords, check about their competitors and sites that are in top rankings and optimize their websites. But this is not a complex process for advanced marketers. There are on-page and off-page plans for SEO. Even though it takes time, consistently follow up of latest trends and tricks of SEO will keep a person on track. Here are few latest tips that is bring to you by Soderman Marketing SEO :

1) Keyword Volume

It is one of the most important things to keep in mind while preparing your website. Relevant keywords play a crucial role in making your website one among the top rankers. Most importantly, the right number of keywords should be used. It takes a little effort to choose the relevant keywords. All the common search words must be included in your content. Stand yourself in the searcher’s shoe before preparing the list of keywords. It should make the site available to users easily when looking in the search engine. But repetitively using a keyword to get preference in a search engine is a fool practice as it does more harm than good. Google can catch this, and you will get fined heavily for this cheating. So always choose the right number of keywords.

2) Aim for a wider audience

People always seek an accurate data, definitions, pictures or items. Always make your website data putting yourself in the audience’s view. Google delivers data like they are reading your mind. Google is always expecting the same from website owners. More they get it more will be your chance to get promoted to a higher position. Understand about the needs of customers, about what, why and how they are asking it. A necessary step for this is to make a list and move this information to your website. To make your site easily accessible, find the best keywords by running search engine query. Learn thoroughly about how a search engine works. Google often changes its algorithm, and one should be aware of these things to get in the top rankings.

3) Connect with your Competitors

Competitors who claim to be at top positions are to be noted. Link s should be made with the ones who are at the top rankings. These are the websites that the Google respects and connections with them will be a plus point for you to get attention. Similarly, connections with bad websites can affect you badly. Linking with good sites and getting back a link from them always increase your search positions. This is an important off-page SEO tip to improve your rankings.

4) Regularly check your website

URLs, page tags, and meta titles play an important role in making your site attractive. Compare your meta descriptions with the ones at the top rankings and make the necessary changes. The headings should perfectly describe the content of your web page. It should be in such a way that it should encourage the searchers to click to see what is inside. Use appropriate tools to check which all data require improvement and update it accordingly. It is very important to regularly check your website and compare it with popular websites.

5) Speed matter a lot!

A slow website can greatly affect your performance. It is announced by Google that the speed of loading your web page is directly connected to the ranking of your site. Searchers always look for a fast loading web page as time is an important issue. It should get a load within 3-5 seconds. Make your site as simple and light as possible. Websites at higher ranking positions are always very fast. For this, many things are to be noted. Optimize the picture and videos on your web page. There are many tools to compress your HTML and CSS files. Reducing the size of the file is the best way to increase the speed of your website.

6) Having a strong social media portfolio

Share your web page contents as much as possible. Social media is providing a good opportunity for this. Make as many social media links as possible so as to raise the reach of your article. Make Facebook and other social media groups and post your articles there. Post and repost it weekly or monthly, this way it gets shared with other groups and you can ensure the reach of your article to a much attentive one. Social media is the best place to promote your article. Make connections with other writers and the best way to start a good relationship with them is to accept a post from them and to feature it first on your website. If they cover your story back, it will be the best way to promote your content.

7) Make it user-friendly

Content should be in the way that it should be easily understandable by the user. Publish your contents in the place where it is easily accessible by the searcher. Know about the client’s needs, their obstacles and include the solutions for all their possible questions. Use simple words. Be relevant and helpful. Include videos and images relevant to the topic. Include social media sharing icons. Always thank people for sharing your articles and respond back to their queries and comments.

8) Develop your brand

Listing your site on other popular sites and other socially important places with a brand name is very useful. Different aspects are influenced by SEO. Brand name makes a good image in users mind. The web content should be of high quality. A proper logo and brand design can attract many users. The brand name is a sign of trust, and it gives creditability. So a brand name provides an ideal user experience.

9) Make it mobile friendly

In this era of mobile phones, it is very important to ensure that your site is available from mobile phone search engines. Google is giving high preference to those sites which are mobile friendly.

Chances for those sites to get on high rankings are very high. So the mobile version of your web page is first checked by the Google. Moreover, your mobile version is considered as the true version of your work. That is mobile users should also get the content with the same clarity as desktop users get. There are many tools to check this efficiency of your web page.

10) Publish unique content and remove unnecessary jargon

Never duplicate the content. Publishing a duplicate content will lead you to Google penalty. It will also lower your rankings and collapse your business. This is to avoid the repetition of contents over and over. Remove unused and unwanted files. For example, for product pages in online stores, if the product is out of stock and if it doesn’t come back, then hide such pages.

Google is always trying to give the users meaningful content, and nowadays search engines are getting improved day by day to provide the best user experience. Always track the progress of your work and take time to evaluate all your hard work. Improvements cannot be made overnight, and it takes time to make a good outcome.

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