Bitcoin is a secure, global, and digital currency, which has taken the interest of many investors. Anyone is eligible to invest. It has proved to make an exciting opportunity and has emerged as a new asset class. Many people view bitcoin as scary but, it is not, all what an investor needs to do is add more, and have enough time to understand how it works.

Bitcoin has no official price. The prices shown are for one bitcoin only. However, the exchanges allow an investor to buy less one bitcoin since the investors who are willing to pay usually set costs. An example of a sound source is the Coin Desk’s price index. Until its stabilization, bitcoin has rapidly been increasing in value, followed by a slow but steady downfall. Since it is global, bitcoin is not likely to be affected by a single country’s financial instability.

Why is Bitcoin important?

Bitcoin is a scarce yet beneficial currency whose value is worth hundreds of dollars. It is the new goldmine which is hard to find and more expensive to mine.

Anyone can verify Bitcoin as it provides a sound and predictable monetary policy as one of its most essential features. An investor can see the number of bitcoins created and how many are in circulation at any one given time.

You can make bitcoin payments from anywhere in the world, and no bank can block or close any of its accounts. Bitcoin is also referred to as censorship resistant money. Bitcoin has made payments across the borders easily while some use it as an escape from the failed government’s monetary policy. The internet came to ease people’s lives that has improved the impact the bitcoin has on the global economy.

The above information on Bitcoin and its impact globally explains it well. Would you still want to invest in Bitcoin in 2019?

In 2018, there was a steep price correction and, many people thought that finally, the Crypto sparkle has finally erupted, but despite that, there is still a good reason why you should invest in 2019, the price level alone should encourage you to take a step of faith and invest in bitcoin.

The following are reasons why you should feel confident and make a decision to invest in 2019.

Increased innovations by Bitcoin developers

People still have it in mind another more powerful, superior and decentralized digital currency will replace bitcoin in the future. The truth be told, bitcoin is here to stay. Developers are still working hard to ensure the improvement of the bitcoin network whose main aim is boosting its scales. They are doing this by enhancing privacy features and enabling other functions like mark contracts. Their commitment is evident after the release of liquid and lightning networks.

Steady growth in bitcoin adoption

Bitcoin adoption is growing fast despite the drop in its value, the years 2018 statistics show a steady rise in users of blockchain wallet, from 22 million users, the company’s data shows an increase of 32 million more wallet users over twelve months. This growth means that people are still interested in Bitcoin and the list is growing.

Wall Street firms are going crypto

There was an announcement made from Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Fidelity, and Nasdaq on the plans to launch trading offers for the 2019 investors. For instance, there is an expectation that Wall Street firms will adopt the use of bitcoin for trading.

With an increase in crypto hedge funds as was reported in 2018, many believe that more institutions money will enter into bitcoin as an assets class in future and payments made from the funds raised for increasing the assets under their management.

Regulation is coming soon

A global regulatory framework for cryptographic assets as discussed at a G20 meeting which assured investors that the lawmakers and financial regulators are all set to adhere with the trading of crypto assets, this rule similar to others like Forex trading and equity. As much as this rule was a warm welcome by crypto investors, early bitcoin adopters from the cypherpunk community are in contrary.

A well-regulated crypto asset will attract more investors to join the wagon and provide a regulation stamp of approval need for institutional investors like the pension funds, insurance companies, and mutual funds that require investing in an assets class. Implementation of these regulations will formulate a network of token sales, and this could be a benefit for bitcoin, as it will provide firm security in the trading ecosystem.


History price data shows that bitcoin is likely to exceed in the coming years though in a much slower pace. Many positive minded investors are waiting to see an increase in developments reflected in the prices within the next twelve months. However, you can comfortably invest in bitcoin in 2019.

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