With technologies getting more advanced mobile phones are becoming quite common. But, at the same time in case if it is lost or stolen then anyone can access any kind of information from your device. There is no need to worry anymore as you can protect your data by considering some easy yet effective tips.

Tips to be considered:

If configuring mobile phone

You can protect your mobile phone from getting hacked or any other problem by taking some preventive steps while configuring it. Do not jailbreak and turn off location service if it is not so necessary to run any application.

Watch what you are downloading

Download is now not a new term at all as everyone is familiar with this. But, before you download anything make sure that what you are actually downloading. Internet is full of both legal and illegal content so it is must that you should know about all this.

If downloading any unknown apps or files in your phone are aware, as they include viruses and malware and can steal information. In fact, you can even protect your loved ones and their mobile device with help of spying app through which you can keep an eye on their browsing activities. There are so many spyware for android among which you can select one as per your need.

Be cautious while using public Wi-Fi

Yes, it is much save and convenient plus also help in saving your data plan. But, always keep in mind that anything which you are doing on open network can be seen by anyone on network until and unless message is in encrypted form. So, if you don’t want anyone to see your details there are number of things which you can do. First of all, make sure you are connected with legitimate network.

Do not use public Wi-Fi for any purpose which involves dealing with sensitive info and try to share information in encrypted form. If you still decide using open network without any protection think about this twice. Even if you are logging in to read any online newspaper, always assume that log in details can be seen by anyone.

Keep operating system up to date

You should always install latest version of operating system in your phone as said by device experts. This do not happen automatically, but if you will receive any notification about the new version which is available for your device make sure that you will go ahead and install the new updates as it is very important.

There are many people who tend to ignore all these updates for weeks or even for months, but they must install to have latest updates and fixes which deal with all new security risks. That’s why it is very important you should pay attention to the updated OS systemwhenever they are available and download them as fast as it is possible.

If you want to prepare your unlock phone before it meet with any accident, you can prefer to consider the above tips. Using these tips you can protect all the confidential data of your mobile.

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