Themes are often in WordPress. Users need to tell a story with the design theme concept and the content they write. The themes have to tell a similar story that connects to the content.

Some of the latest trending themes that could see a longlasting effect.

1) There are numerous WordPress themes based on the framework happening right now. Chief among them is the one called The Genesis WP option. It combines everything you might expect from a WordPress theme framework with digital options.

You can Google the name and find multiple sites offering options.

Some of the other options concerning WordPress themes based on framework include Canvas, Gantry( that is the product of the brand, Rocket Theme), Hybrid Core, and Pageline, Roots, and Thesis.

The right choice depends on your needs right now.

2) There is a new trend with themes coming from Gutenberg(yes, that Gutenberg). One of the more well-known design theme options is called, Divi. It is 100% fully supportive of Gutenberg. You get the click and type option that lets you add or subtract from your content anywhere on the page.

It also offers real-time editing and other features that let you see the layout right away.

3) Artificial Intelligence is something that is here to stay. AI was around a few years back, and it will continue to be around for the foreseeable future.

Small and large companies have been influenced a lot by AI over the past few years. They have been inspired so much that it has become a staple for web development and design.

At the end of last year, the use of AI had increased by 70%. Over the next two years it will increase another 20-30%. That is how powerful it is. AI helps to analyze a user’s patterns, including buying and web searches. It can pick up on your likes and dislikes that quickly.

Has AI brought us to the era of robots(something that many experts in the tech world have indicated to for many years now)? Yes, for the most part. AI is just the beginning.

AI has gotten to the point where it can turn things on and off by itself(without your help). I know it sounds frightening, but that is the world we live in now.

“The robots are taking over”.

4) Mobile-first is now emerging as one of the biggest design theme trends. Most people have become very attached to their phones anyway( I am guilty of that too).

It started around last year or earlier. WordPress design theme specialists started using cross mobile and browser well-matched web coding. Now it has become more than just a short-term deal.

Internet users and other specialists have started getting the numbers marked on their desktop. It has become such a big deal that many experts are predicting this theme design trend is going to kick Google off into a new era(the mobile-first index era).

The trending theme also makes sure that every page online is visible on both the desktop and the phone.

5) Website developing has been around for some time now. However, the overall goal has taken a different turn lately. It has become more than just a “thing”.

More people are using their tech toys and other online gadgets. There are so many options, and, in some ways, that becomes an issue.

Everyone is looking for the next big thing. Everyone is looking to make their trend the “new thing that everyone gravitates to”(that is a theme and story in it of itself).

Web developers have an increased pressure to mass-produce something that everyone wants. It has to have everything, including being user-friendly and have convenient WordPress access. That is why this has become more than the latest trend.

There is an immediate demand for this type of thing. That is why the web development trend makes it to the list. It is going to be something that is needed for a long time coming.

6) Colors are a great way to show your emotions. It is great for those who have a hard time expressing how they feel. All you do is find the color and emotion that fit your mood and you are good.

This is a Quality WPThemes design trend that sort of made its way to the forefront last year. Now, it is taking over as one of the top 8. Users want to create something pretty and imaginative.

They want others to see it too. That is why the color theme that is currently trending will be a much bigger deal later.

7) E-commerce(without a doubt) deserves a spot on the list. E-commerce has become so popular that is has replaced a lot of brick and mortar shopping experiences( why go out when you can get it online)?

8) The chatbot is taking over. That is a device that helps c computer programs communicate better with us humans. We are going to see a lot more chatbots as the years move on.

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