When it comes to creating a one-page site, you can copy and paste the content of your resume and think nothing more about such a thing. However, you also will be missing out on the potential benefits of a CV or Resume website.

That is why we have put together the following pointer to help start your website on the right footing.


View your homepage as a chance to introduce yourself to the masses. It will help your target audience know that they have found or arrived at the right place. Let the title or the header text of the site clearly state your name as well as your position. You then should give a brief introduction about you; who you are and what you do.

Try to go for a minimalizing presentation for your background. Use a solid color, simple text font, and flattering headshot. You can take a bolder approach if you are in the creative field. The idea is not for you to lay all your cards on the table but show your intent to play to win.

For instance, you can use a smart system such as Jimdo that gives you a few questions for you to answer. It then utilizes that information to build your website. It will create the page or pages needed and even connect the site to your social media accounts to pull in the info there, making it available on your website.


Some individuals prefer posting their entire CV on the homepage. The approach seeks to help recruiter know what they are looking for when they visit that page, eliminating the need to click anywhere else. But given your resume, a personal page on your site is a better option.

It should be a page that displays your CV that the paper-and-ink hard copy you have. The text should be in a simple font and blocks. Break the page in sections and make use of bullets. Overall, keep it clean and simple; have a straightforward list so that hiring managers can find what they want to know about you. To write the perfect CV take a look at Exceptional Resume Writers, this company can help you with your job application.


When providing references, you do so with the hopes that the recruiters will reach out to them to hear about you and your accomplishments. But with the CV posted online on your website, you can skill all that and show the hiring managers what your colleagues and mentors think of you. It will be a means of ensuring people get a sense of who you are and what it is like to work with you without having to make a phone call.

You will request your colleagues and mentors to write a short testimonial about you stating why they like working with you. You can also include references that you may have in your LinkedIn profile.

Work Examples And Accomplishments

The beauty of a resume website is you will not be all talk but no action. You will not just talk about your skills and profession, but you will show it to your target audience. The use of bullet points is a common thing in when curating a CV, but you can break away from this formal tradition. You will be creating the resume on a visual field, and this allows you to make use of photos, videos, and even links to your work.

Make the most of the visual field and understand that the game here is a bit different from the traditional way of creating your resume. Think of the things about your professional path that you are most proud of as you try to describe your achievements in a narrative way.

Contact Form

You should include your contact information but also make it easy for people to reach you. You can opt to have the contacts in a separate page. Or you can use a contact form. Alternatively, you can have the contacts in the sidebar or the footer of your site so that it appears on all the pages so that nobody can miss it.

Custom Domain

You should invest in a personalized domain (the website address) so that this helps show that you are serious about your career. Do not go for the usual approach of using your name, ending it with a .com; make it unique. For instance, you opt to use something like johnsmiththerealtor.com or johnsmithbrokerage.com

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