SEO tactics and online niches are highly contextual in today’s competitive environment. The niches allow you to get quick results and be competitive.

Although competitive niches are difficult to rank, online marketers are focusing on competitive niche SEO strategy for the SEO success.

A niche represents a specific segment of the market. Competitive niches are based on keyword search volume and commercial intent for sales conversation.

Using competitive keywords in your website makes your site valuable in the search engine results.

SEO niche focus helps you in finding a specific segment that gives you a chance to rank your website and attract more customers. Refocusing on keyword competitiveness leads to increased traffic in the business.

Competitive SEO niche industries are difficult to rank since they require more resources, huge advertisement budget with the best digital marketing services and time.

Top competitive niches

1 Financial services

Financial services websites are very competitive and require a lot of time and patience to rank on Google top page. Successful SEO campaigns for financial services industries require a lot of keyword optimization and more resources to market the services.

Regular content based on your niche area will help your firm remain competitive and relevant in the financial industry.

The growth of your firm in this competitive industry requires the creation of great content and page optimization for SEO marketing.

There is a great opportunity in this sector as many investors are not utilizing the social media to market and increase traffic to the business. Social media posts have a great impact on your financial website ranking.

Ranking your website doesn’t have to be difficult. Create useful content and promote it through your social media channels to increase traffic to your website. All the leads to your website from the social media posts act as the foundation of your search engine optimization.

Real estate

There has been a cut-throat competition in the real estate platforms. Every real-estate website wants to appear on front page of property search results making some of them hard to rank.

Real estate agents are focusing on creating an information hub via their website on specific geographic location making their SEO content more effective.

New real estate websites compete with authority websites like Zillow making it hard for them rank on Google pages thus the need for relevant, valuable, and call to action SEO content.

Offer advice and property buying tips on your website to generate more leads.

Legal services

Legal industries is another profitable SEO niche. There are more authority legal websites which rank even with few links or without internal links.

Searching through specific keyword phrases provide results desires as well as providing the help you need in case of legal actions.

The industry can generate a lot of money for lawyers who offer specific services to the clients. The lawyers are willing to pay in order to get clients by using paid ads. You can also create a blog or website which ranks well in this industry and rent it to a legal firm or let them pay for any traffic leads send to them.

Payday loan services

A payday loan is another competitive and difficult SEO traffic industry. In the recent years, the payday loan industry has grown tremendously and more lenders want to join this competitive industry.  Due to its competitive nature, firms have to come up with SEO strategies which will make their industry stand out among other payday loans online industries.

To generate traffic, the firms need to come up with relevant content, provide a variety of information to their target customers, and use clean links.

5​​ Car shipping services

Car shipping industry provides you with great opportunity to rank in search engines and generate leads for your business. The key phrase ‘car shipping company’ can open many search results with consumer intent.

Using the right keywords in your website content can increase web traffic to your website and convert the traffic to customers. platform also helps you to know the general keyword search volume and ensure you use the right keywords for your content.

6​​ Health Niche

The health industry is a huge SEO competitive niche and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. More people are searching for health and fitness information online and this has resulted in several websites published online.

There is also increased competition for the sites to rank at the top of search engine page leading to an increased need to have verified health professionals.

Google is linking all the articles of verified health practitioners to Google plus profiles thus boosting the confidence of readers seeking online health information.

If you want to invest in the health niche, you need to provide authentic and correct information to your audience, offer genuine products or services and have satisfied medical practitioners.

There are several competitive sub-niches in the health and fitness industry. Some of the top sub-niches include;

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain tips
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Yoga
  • Stress management
  • Hair loss among others

SEO agency niche

This is another competitive niche in the market. SEO agencies may work on almost everything but sometimes it is difficult to devote energy in all the area or even to find a unique niche to specialize in.

Always try to specialize in a specific niche.

Choosing the right niche to focus on will help you be known as an authority in that area and more people will remember your site when looking for related content. It also helps you in achieving greater results.

SEO agencies compete with other agencies to stay on the front page of the search engine results.

You should always specialize in a specific area like content marketing, carrying local SEO tasks, Branding for businesses or providing content for social media branding.

Picking a niche helps you stand out on the services you provide and adds clarity to what you say to your customers.

8 Insurance SEO agencies

The insurance industry is super competitive and can generate hundreds of dollars through affiliate payouts. With so many insurance agents online, you need to be creative and come up with new ways of driving traffic to your website.

9 Loan/Mortgage niche

This type of niche helps you in providing services in a specific area. It will enable you to position your business in the competitive market. Do a lot of keyword search to see what customers are looking for and the potential of growth of business in the area. Ensure you offer what customers are looking for. Mortgage niches you can specialize in include Condo loans, luxury home loans or VA.

10 Internet marketing

Internet marketing has been on the rise over the past three years. Many businesses are using digital media channels to market business over the traditional marketing channels.

Digital Marketing techniques like Social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing are being used to market companies products and services.

There are so many competitive niches you can focus on if you want to get out of your comfort zone and stay competitive in the SEO environment. The goal is to niche down to a specific area you’re interested in.

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