Web design means we understand web page design that carries a lot of information and we see those pages on any website on the internet. But currently, web design does not mean much information on a straight-up page. With time, web design is now using attractive designs and many complex functions, which are now trending. So, if you want to be a professional designer, you have to some idea about the latest trend in web design. Here are some of the top 10 web design trends in 2018.

#10 Mobile Friendly Design

With the improvement of technology, mobile devices have also improved greatly. Mobile usage is higher than PC or laptop for internet use. According to Google’s search analysis, about 50% of searches are from mobile. So designers and developers are giving more importance to mobile-friendly design. It does not necessarily have to tell you that the number of internet users increasing day by day. But compared to that, the company’s website has not yet come in all the responsive designs.

If the visitor comes to your website to get information, But if they do not get mobile-friendly activity then they will leave your website. It has been found in the study that currently around 61% of visitors do not visit the website if there is no mobile user-friendly activity. Then they choose other websites. If your website is responsive and the visitor gets useful things. So, the developers are now focusing more on mobile-friendly designs, keeping in mind the customer needs. So the demand for mobile-friendly design in 2018 is much more.

#9 Animations, GIFs, and Cinemagraphs

The use of animations, gifs, and Cinemagraphs has become a good trend for good and quality web design. It is very useful to use these to attract visitors. Currently, the developer focuses on several design trends, among Animations, Gifs and Cinemagraphs are the most important trends. A few years ago, it was noticed that general images were used in web pages. But, now the progress has improved, as well as the taste of the customers has improved. The more transparent the web design is, the more attractive it is.

Cinemagraphs are additionally a sort of picture which makes a deception to the visitor as they are viewing an activity or video. If you use animation, gif, cinematography on the web page, the web page becomes more attractive. As a result, the likelihood of visitors coming to the web site increased. Therefore, developers are looking at this issue very much and are working to make more progress.

#8 Typography

In the current context, typography is an important trend. Because of the availability and usage of Google Front and other Typekit, the interest of web companies and developers for typography has increased. Along with that, the responsibility of web designers has increased. Earlier, there was no problem even though not giving much attention to the typography. But right now if you do not look at typography, you cannot survive in the web design industry.

The Typography will help in communicating the message that you need to pass on or appear. Your text dimension ought to be sufficiently enormous as it better uses the blank areas and furthermore it’s exceptionally infectious to the eyes. Designers should be much more sensitive about what types of fonts to use on a website. And the designer is doing that. Typography is now especially emphasized.

#7 Image or video background

Especially in Call-to-Action or background of this like of content, there is no comparison of beautiful images or live videos. Even now the top slider in the home of the site is also given in the background style and on this special menu, call-to-action, ghost button or this kind of content is kept. This kind of background is used to replace the previous static one-color background, to inspire the site visitors and eliminate the monotony. It is also meaningful when using images or video backgrounds in relation to content or page content. A beautiful background makes the look of your website even more beautiful. So, this trend has got great attention from web designers.

#6 Scrolling effect

This is an on-page click-to-action event. Usually, there is a special button at the bottom of the above content section, when the user clicks on the auto-scroll to the next section. For this, usually, the upper section of the upper browser window should be less than the height of the window or in most cases is the same. One of the reasons for this trend to come is to make the website more user-friendly on mobile devices. That is, the main purpose here is the mobile device. One thing that declines to leave reach from the patterns is the Parallax Effect.

This impact influences your looking to impact as of it is on 3D when you move your page up/down. One thing that ought to have stayed away from being Long Scrolling. Looking over discloses to you how much intuitive your substance is. It alters your pace. In recent years, this trend has been given more focus.

#5 Illustration

This trend may be a surprise for some, but its effectiveness in 2018 has been proved to be quite true because the designers do not feel comfortable using stock photos anymore.  Illustrated website designs can be used for specialized sketch fonts, custom vectors, 3D-Illustrated or Commonly Illustrated Antentee Bases. It may be a gray fuzzy style or powerful graphics, it can be customized in the illustration. Custom Illustration means designers maintain creative design in their design and branding message. Illustrations express a fondness of mind by expressing fantasies, vanquishing the imagination, and in the world of the fantasy world, the world’s image reflects on your website.

#4 Flat Web Design

Flat design means a design that has no three-dimensional effect. For example, there will not be any type of glass button, no shade, etc. This is one of the hot topics of current web design. Currently, there is no such design available except flat type. The reason behind the widespread popularity of flat design is that the use of minimalism or simplicity in web design, which makes significant contributions, does not distract attention. Flat Design uses Simple Icon Like Images. Flat Design Technology and Tactile Object Divide. Understanding and navigating flat web designs are easy to find. Just need the beautiful design options and content for the site focused art.

#3 Graphical Design Patterns

Different textures and patterns are like an essential part of any design. Maybe they will not cover the whole part of a design, but they will play a very good role. Graphics designer always thinks about how to make an image attractive, amazing and alive. Typical Photoshop planners alter the pictures with the slight adjustment from the accessible formats which can establish a terrible connection with the user. With the assistance of Graphic designing, you can make consummate Line-Arts which can help in catching more eye to your website page. The role of this texture and pattern in visual design is undeniable. Therefore, the designer has given considerable importance to this matter.

#2 Grid Formation & Layouts

How to make the work easier, the developer is always aware of it. In this case Grid, Formation & Layouts are very useful. Like an invisible magician, it plays an important role in the design of grid and alignment. Because it plays a special role in providing design structures. In the case of any newspaper or book, the text is arranged very well and is available in a specific order due to the magic of this grid and alignment.

A layout is a comparable sort of approach which helps in putting the various components on the page as there are numerous segments in the framework design. A responsive Grid view format has frequently 12 sections which modify as per the program.  Alignment has an important relationship with the text. For example, people usually fall from left to right in any book or poster, but if there is a text on the lower poster, then it will be a cause of the reader’s readiness.

#1 Asymmetry and broken grid layouts

There is no pair of asymmetry and broken grid layouts to make designers more creative and to make layouts more attractive. One major change in 2017 was the presentation of deviated and flighty ‘broken’ designs, and this web pattern will, in any case, be going solidly in 2018. The interest of asymmetrical layout is that it is special, particular and sometimes exploratory.

Even though the brands traditionally used a large grid-based structure yet. But the recent use of asymmetry and broken grid layouts has increased. Asymmetrical and broken network plans might be a confounded method, however, in the event that done well, will give ravishing and dazzling outlines. Asymmetry can be characterized as the absence of symmetry. In any case, here it is the polar opposite. By adjusting both the positive components and negative space, a designer can make superficially attractive sites. Therefore, an ever-increasing number of sites are breaking the grid.


Not only these, many more tricks and techniques are being run as the best trend in web design. As time goes on, people’s thoughts change, just in the case of technology, human needs and thoughts are changing day by day. As a web designer, we should be aware of new things in design technology and trends in the professional website design world.

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