YouTube has become a perfect place for digital marketing, since it is the second largest search engine. In order to reach many potential customers, it is important to concentrate on YouTube SEO, for your channel to rank high. YouTube SEO entails the optimization of videos, meta data, channel, description and playlists to reach many viewers. As a result, when people search your videos, transcript and other data using various keywords, it can appear at the top of the YouTube search. Therefore, you should employ various methods to achieve high.

Top 10 YouTube SEO Techniques to Use in 2019

There are numerous techniques that you can use to have a great YouTube SEO, which are discussed below.

  • Choose a Video Format that is Search-Friendly
    The format of the video that you use is a key determiner, of whether people will easily find your video or not. Most people prefer tutorials, informational and “how to” videos. Thus, when you base your video on this format, most people are likely to visit your channel to learn from you. As well, ensure that your videos convey detailed information on the area of discussion, to make them always come back for more.
  • Like and Shares
    Sometimes people concentrate on the videos with many likes and shares before watching any YouTube video. Therefore, coming up with a technique to increase your views and shares is crucial. You can request for likes and shares from your screen and also ask people to subscribe. As well, provide a description of the video and make a similar request there.
  • Keep Your Viewer on YouTube
    The easiest way to keep your viewers on your channel is by offering them fascinating videos that are irresistible. The more time people spend viewing your videos, the more you get paid. As well, you should have a fascinating playlist to keep the viewers entertained, hence, spend more time on your channel. Always make sure you offer something valuable to encourage viewers to stay longer.
  • Uploading Quality Content Frequently
    A quality content is that which viewers deem useful to them. Hence, you should frequently upload new videos with rich information, that would be of great importance to them. When a viewer watches a video and subscribes, YouTube interprets that as a valuable video. There is a likelihood of that viewer to keep coming to view more videos and even sharing.
  • Write Titles, tags, Filenames and Description that are Keyword Optimized
    The keywords and phrases should match with the video description, and all that the user is searching for in the search engine to be similar to yours. The YouTube analytics tool can be of great use to find the keywords users are using in search for a video. The title usually ha 100 characters but the emphasis should be in the first 60 characters to avoid to truncate e.g. “How to increase video views.” The filename of your video should have a name. Double quotes are used for tags e.g. “How to use a phone.” Tags can have up to 150 characters. The meta description can have up to 5,000 characters, which are usually truncated at about 165 characters. When putting links, e. g for a product or service, usually include the “http://,” so that it can be clickable.
  • Captions
    Adding captions in a YouTube video helps offer an improved understanding of whom your content is meant for, and know more about the content. Hence, people are able to find in a stress-free way. Closed captions increase web accessibility.
  • Comments and Views
    For noticeable search results for a video, you should encourage comments and views. In addition, you should interact with viewers, who comment by responding to them promptly and as well try to moderate unrelated comments.
  • Translation and subtitles
    Subtitles offered in extra languages makes the video reachable to added viewers. Many uploaders must not necessarily be in English speaking nations.  Thus, videos can reach foreigners leading to growth.
  • Use a Persuasive Thumbnail
    The thumbnails used in a YouTube video should be of high quality, balanced aspect ratio and images should have high contrast.
  • The Channel Authority
    Your YouTube channel should be complete and have better credit, e.g. it should have a trailer, social media links, and subscribe to related channels. This affects the overall video SEO, hence, increasing your video visibility.

In a nutshell, the YouTube search engine works the same way as the google one. For you to be ranked high, you must employ the above techniques carefully. It is evident that many people highly regard YouTube as a source of information, therefore, you only require to present very useful content in the video. By so doing, you can be sure to have your videos always get the most views, comments, likes and shares. With all these, you can generate good income through your channel.

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