Everyone loves games. Even if you think you don’t love games, chances are something that you have downloaded onto your device counts as a game. You might not realize it but gaming is a big part of who we are these days and you can find a game in almost anything if you look hard enough. But no one wants to put effort into finding the perfect game, they just want to have it available to them without any additional work.

So, in order to make that happen for you I am going to list the top 3 most popular Android games in 2019. You can choose from this list and hopefully find the game that you are looking for. Try out these games to see which is best.

First, we will start with shooter games. These types of games bring in a lot of different players. You may think that all shooting games are the same but actually it’s the complete opposite. Some may share certain aspects of their game design but they all come with a unique twist. Fortnite is a cartoon battle royale, Call Of Duty Black Out is a more realistic war zone royale. They all feature different guns with different controls so you will have to play a couple to decide which one you like the most.

Next we have Tower Defense games. Again, you might think that all of these types of games are the same but really they are nowhere close to being identical to one another. Some tower defense games consist of you battling other players online to destroy their towers and make your land bigger. Other tower defense games include you battling off zombies from your home to keep your family safe. These games are fun to spend your time on if you are bored and looking for something entertaining to play.

Lastly, we have story games. These games, like Episode and High School Story, are interactive stories that you can play and get involved with. Every decision you make matters more than you think and all of the stories are very well written, you would not think that they are made from a community of people just like you. If you are interested in the Choose Your Story books, these are the games that you should check out as they will give you hours of endless compelling stories to read all through the night.

Finding mobile games can be hard sometimes and sometimes you need a little bit of assistance, someone who knows their way around mobile games like you know your way around other things in life. Make sure that you try out all of these suggestions to see which type of game that you like the most. And if none of them are entertaining for you, ask a friend who knows which games are fun and see if they will help you find a game that is right for you so that you can also have endless fun.

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