VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”. The idea behind best VPS is to have an environment, like owning your own physical server, without the hardware cost of buying a whole computer for yourself.

Especially for people and organizations that need to be appropriately scaled, finding the best VPS deticated hosting company can have a significant impact. Compared to many other hosting options, it can provide more control, and the price is reasonable enough to satisfy most people.

In the case of using a virtual private server (VPS), you usually make a fortune.It is understandable that even though most web hosting solutions in this field are already very cost-effective, why people still seek free VPS hosting. You will often see free shared hosting options, and you may just want to know how high a company is willing to raise the stakes. In fact, no hosting plan can be used as a 100% free VPS. In other words, there is no free VPS server version, and you will never need to pay anything.

Cheap VPS hosting plan is the most web deticated hosting service vendor solutions range. For many users, they are the best place to transition. In fact, most users will become the ultimate goal after graduating from shared hosting.

Uses of VPS

  • Virtual host space: Large and exclusive resources. Safe and reliable isolation ensures the user’s use of resources and the security of data.
  • E-commerce platform: The operation of the best VPS host is exactly the same as the independent server.
  • Data sharing platform: Complete isolation and unparalleled security enable small and medium-sized enterprises and professional portals to use VPS deticated hosting to provide data sharing and data download services.
  • ASP application platform: Coupled with the quality of the independent host and low cost, it is the platform of choice for small and medium enterprises for ASP applications.
  • Online game platform: The low price, excellent quality, and exclusive resources make the best VPS host can be used as an online game server to provide game services for the majority of Internet users.

However, with the rise of domestic cloud computing technology, VPS has gradually been replaced by its upgraded version of “cloud server”, because cloud server not only has all the functions and advantages of VPS, but also is based on server clusters and supports online upgrades. Flexible purchase is required.

What do we do to find the best VPS?

After analyzing different web hosting services, we selected top 6 services that we think are the best. We checked the most popular Ultahost , InMotion, LiquidWeb, and WP webhost. Other hosts we track include SiteGround and GreenGeeks.

In this VPS hosting comparison, we will learn about the top six VPS companies, the options they offer, and their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we will also explore some of the basics of what hosting providers do and why you may or may not want to move in this direction. We will also discuss the comparison of VPS with alternatives such as shared hosting.


The deticated hosting company was established in 2018. It also owns and manages the Web Hosting Hub. The hosting company office is based in Istanbul and servers are located in the USA and Netherlands.

Company Profile

UltaHost is the most suitable hosting company that provides best web hosting services all over the world. The company uses high-quality equipment that results in incredible service and best performance. The company has modern softwares that helps the individual in managing the projects at lower cost. UltaHost helps the user in organizing their business online. The company helps the user in selling their products over the internet. The company provides reliable web hosting in the best possible way. UltaHost also provides the suitable advice regarding the users products.

Evaluation summary

UltaHost has always been considered a reliable choice for those who need high-quality web hosting service providers. UltaHost provides dedicated web hosting services. Composed of experienced WordPress developers, UltaHost is committed to providing high-quality managed WordPress hosting services for all types of users, whether they are large companies or small and medium enterprises.

The users who want to migrate to UltaHost can do it easily and what’s the best thing about migration is, it’s free. The user can easily install the operating system without paying any kind of charges. UltaHost helps the user in sorting out the database queries faster. UltaHost is a trustworthy site that has a proper management that checks the monitor issues on a daily basis. UltaHost provides the money back guarantee to its loyal users. Users can cancel their order within 30 days and can get their money back. UltaHost Hosting offers different hosting plans, including shared, reseller, cheap VPS, cloud, WordPress hosting and deticated hosting services.They not only provide stable server performance and a large number of useful features, but also have the best customer support team in the industry. If you are considering a shared hosting plan, I suggest you go to the business plan tier. You will have better server performance and capacity.

UltaHost hosting market has the ability to provide super fast, super innovative and flexible user control panels. This, as well as their innovative server technology (NGINX, PHP7, HHVM) and reliable server performance make them an excellent choice for businesses and individuals.

 Suitable for

Novices, personal bloggers, small and medium businesses, budget users, freelancers, non-profit organizations, website developers, advanced WordPress users, e-commerce, online stores and large website forums.


  • Stable performance.
  • Optimized for best server performance.
  • Money back guarantee at any time.
  • Clear server limit guidelines.
  • Provide free site migration service for users.
  • Good reputation-enthusiastic fans and positive reviews everywhere.
  • Comprehensive support knowledge base.
  • Developer-friendly temporary area with automatic daily backup function
  • Guaranteed Dedicated Resources
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)


  • The cost for users with multiple low-traffic sites is high.


The hosting company was established in 2003.

Company Profile


Bluehost has a reputation for 17 years, the world’s number one virtual host, and more than 2 million websites are using bluehost’s services. It is an official wordpress recommended host and is worthy of your trust. The website is free of registration and security is guaranteed. Bluehost virtual host does not need to be registered, it is ready to use, saving you 2-4 weeks of registration time, and the website is online quickly. The virtual host also comes with an SSL certificate and global CDN acceleration to ensure the stability, security and high speed of the website. Global high-speed access, better user experience. Bluehost virtual host has multiple high-speed overseas computer rooms to choose from.

Evaluation summary

I have encountered, bluehost deticated hosting server is one of the best performing servers in the saving category. Their uptime is much higher than the industry standard of 99.95%. More importantly, I have performed performance tests at multiple locations, and the results were able to reach the first byte (TTFB) in less than 450 milliseconds.

Bluehost  Hosting provides guaranteed Hosting. New projects hosts score is hosted on InMotion Cheap VPS, their performance I am very satisfied. Blueshost Hosting has been in hosting games for many years-their long-term business track record proves that they are one of the best hosting providers on the market. Some of the factors that make bluehost Hosting stand out are its stable servers (always get >99.98% uptime) and excellent customer support. If you have any questions or questions, their customer support is always quick to respond.

Suitable for

Bluehost dedicated hosting is perfect for novices, personal bloggers, and freelancers who are looking for an affordable hosting solution. For e-commerce and high-traffic websites, we recommend using Bluehost Cheap VPS.


  • Stable performance.
  • 24×7 real-time chat and phone support.
  • Provide free website migration for new customers.
  • Dual E5530 2.40GHz Xeon Quad-Core Hyper-Threading Processor
  • 24GB RAM
  • 250GB RAID 1 (mirroring) OS driver
  • 1 TB RAID 1 (mirroring) customer data cache drive
  • Battery support, all drives have RAID controller
  • Redundant power supply, high voltage AC power and fire monitoring system


  • Hosting prices increase after the first semester.
  • No instant account activation-phone verification.


A dedicated hosting company was founded in 2002.

Company Profile

Their vision for the hostgator hosting company is to provide data services at reasonable prices while still maintaining certain services and support.

The web hosting service provider provides a wide range of hosting services, such as shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. The hostgator response speed meets the expectations. A recent server speed test shows that hostgator is one of the fastest budget hosting services.

Evaluation summary

hostgator best VPS clients can customize everything from preferred operating system to software, control panel and server capacity. Although hostgator is necessarily the mainstream name of the hosting industry, once one has a better understanding of the company, hostgator will try to attract our attention.

Of course, they provide stable hosting services and can flexibly upgrade your plan to a cheap VPS and provide deticated hosting after your website starts to grow, which does no harm.

What makes hostgator truly unique is that they promise to provide its customers with affordable hosting plans. Their shared plan is the only plan in this list that offers a locked price after you sign up. In addition, unlike many other VPS hosting service providers that require users to pay for bundled software and applications, hostgator only requires its customers to pay for what they need and use.

 Suitable for

Shared hosting between servers is ideal for personal bloggers and small businesses. For large-scale enterprises and websites with large traffic, its cheap VPS and NJ-based collocated servers provide a very flexible solution.


  • Stable performance.
  • Price lock guarantee for sharing and best VPS hosting.
  • Free site migration for first-time users.
  • 100% internal customer support.
  • Internally developed virus and malware scanner.


  • No instant account activation-phone verification.


Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, USA; established in 1997.

Company Profile

This Lansing, Michigan-based company was founded by Matthew Hill in 1997 to provide web hosting services and support web professionals around the world.

In addition to 130 customers in approximately 32,000 countries, LiquidWeb must ensure that it can provide many solutions that have made it a company with more than 90 employees and a value of more than 600.

LiquidWeb was sold to Madison Dearborn Partners, an investment company in 2015.

Evaluation summary

LiquidWeb is great in many ways, but they may not be suitable for everyone, especially considering the relatively high entry price of managed WordPress plans.

They are the best vps hosting companies for many well-known international brands, including Ducati, Hitachi, Red Bull, MTV, FedEx, Home Depot and Chevrolet Volt.

The virtual host has a reasonably priced enterprise-level hosting service, a strong business transaction record and excellent and deticated hosting performance, which makes it a good choice for partners and corporate hosting users.

 Suitable for

Web development and marketing agency, corporate hosting users, large commercial websites, online game makers, e-commerce, online stores.


  • Stable server performance
  • All planned firewall + DDoS protection.
  • Game server hosting that meets HIPAA standards.
  • A huge DIY help knowledge base.
  • Hardware replacement guarantee.


  • The cost for users with multiple low-traffic sites is high.
  • There is a lack of server options in Asia.
  • Some key features (such as GeoTarget, Multisite) are not included and are expensive to add.
  • Tickets and telephone support are not provided for the start plan.


Headquartered in Agoura Hills, California; established in 2006.

Company Profile

The best vps hosting company was founded in 2006 by Trey Gardner, who has benefited a lot from the extensive experience of several large hosting companies.

The company’s roots are in North America and provide more than 300,000 website services to 35,000 customers. As an environmentally friendly company, it is committed to leaving a positive energy footprint and replacing used energy with triple energy credits.

If you are wondering why this might be important, the market intelligence company IDC estimates that in the next 10 years, the data for corporate management will increase by 50%. This means that even taking into account the advancement of server technology, the number of servers required to process data will increase significantly.

New GreenGeeks users enjoy a one-time discount of 70% on their first GreenGeeks bill, and the EcoSite Starter Plan (single site hosting) is discounted at $2.95 per month. Once you click here (new window, affiliate link), the promotional coupon will be automatically applied to your shopping cart.

Evaluation summary

GreekGeeks is a bit confusing for us.

On the one hand, as a tech geek, he still wants to keep the earth (and its life) around for a longer time, and I appreciate eco-friendliness. On the other hand, I am still a little skeptical about their one-size-fits-all tactics.

The balance here doesn’t seem to match, and I’m sure I haven’t caught everything. However, please keep in mind the excellent speed performance of the GreenGeeks server in our tests.

The company is a recognized EPA green power partner and cooperates with the Environmental Foundation to purchase wind energy credits.

Not surprisingly, GreenGeeks’ Cheap vps deticated hosting performance test shows that since our server is located in the Netherlands, it is the fastest based on EU tests. However, it has also successfully demonstrated all-round speed-from Asia to North America.

However, if you skip the straight “A” and dig a little deeper into the numbers, Singapore’s “Time to First Byte” (TTFB) will be slightly higher. This is to be expected because GreenGeeks does not have a data center in this location.

On a personal level, I think this is a host who can be admirable from blogs to small businesses. In fact, considering the available facilities, prices and resources, I think it is an ideal place for beginners to host their website.

 Suitable for

Any users, novices, personal bloggers, small and medium businesses, budget users, freelancers and non-profit organizations looking for environmentally friendly hosting solutions.


  • Stable server performance-rated A in all tests.
  • Environmental protection-300% green hosting (top industry).
  • Free Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes.
  • Automatic SSL installation and renewal.
  • Free website migration + easy-to-use website builder.


  • The setup fee ($15) is non-refundable.
  • Prices increase during the renewal period.

WP web host

Founded in 2007, it is wholly-owned by Exabytes, a Southeast Asian hosting company.

Company Profile


WPWebHost is wholly-owned by Exabytes, a Southeast Asian deticated hosting company, and started their journey in 2007, aiming to provide users with basic communication tools and information technology solutions for WordPress websites.

They currently have two data centers in Denver, Singapore and Singapore to provide fast loading speeds in the United States and Asia Pacific.

Through WPWebHost best vps deticated hosting services , they provide you with features that help optimize WordPress performance. This is very useful for improving the speed of your website (trust me, speed is important!).

Evaluation Summary

WPWebHost is one of the leading cheap vps web hosting companies in Southeast Asia, and although they have been in the business since 2007, they continue to provide reasonable and competitive prices for their hosted WordPress hosting.

The super affordable price makes WPWebHost a newbie worth considering, they want a cheap managed WordPress hosting but a smaller budget.

However, their hybrid server response speed and sluggish customer service are the main disadvantages you may need to consider before signing up.

In terms of pricing, WPWebhost has achieved economic benefits through their 4 master plans (WP Blogger, WP Lite, WP Plus and WP Geek).

Not only is their plan affordable, but WPWebHost also offers a lot of features similar to those offered by other WordPress hosting hosts at a lower price-starting at 3/month! In addition, with a higher plan, you can enjoy more server resources. WP Geek provides you with a dedicated server environment, while WP Plus puts you in a shared environment.

 Suitable for

Small and medium WordPress sites, small businesses and beginners.


  • Stable and deticated hosting performance.
  • Top hosting WP hosting at an affordable price.
  • Manage WordPress hosting via email hosting.
  • Novice-friendly user interface.
  • HTTP/s, built-in cacher, NGINX server.


  • Jason’s server speed test results were mixed.
  • Expensive renewal price (40% price jump).
  • There is no 24×7 live chat or phone support.

Analysis of the Advantages of  best VPS

1. Improve safety

Shared IP is well known that several cheap VPS share one IP, so that when one of the customers’ websites is closed or attacked for various reasons, they will be affected by sharing.

 2. Promotional advantages

If a website uses its own independent IP, search engines will consider it to be an independent website, which will help increase its inclusion and weight.

3. Increase the confidentiality of electronic data

When you are using a dedicated IP, you can open the SSL confidential data transfer protocol, which is the kind of protocol used by various payment platforms, which can effectively prevent data from being stolen in the middle and improve security.

4. Can use domain name pan resolution

In the actual visit process of the website, the situation that the normal visit cannot happen due to the user’s wrong input. When you are using a dedicated IP, you can use the pan-resolution of the domain name to solve this problem, thereby increasing the traffic of the website.

5. The website can be directly accessed via IP

When you are using a dedicated IP, users can directly access your website by pinging your IP without the need to pass a domain name, which is a manifestation of corporate strength .

Vps vs. Shared Hosting

VPS and Shared hosting have some similarities, but they’re fundamentally different kinds of services.

Shared Hosting packages are aimed for small projects, such as personal blogs and similar sites. Resource intensive or high-traffic projects might encounter issues while using a shared hosting service. Shared hosting is incredibly beginner friendly and fully managed, which means that our customer support team will be able to help out with most issues that might occur with your project.

VPS Hosting, on the other hand, provides you with dedicated resources that you don’t need to share. Every virtual private server hosting plan makes sure that you get the highest control of your resources. Control your CPUs, Burst RAM, manage root access and use your preferred OS. The downside of VPS hosting is that, while we cover the back-end and server monitoring, maintaining it 24/7, we can provide limited help to your project concerning customer support. While all VPS hosting and control panel questions we will help with, programming, coding and other queries of similar nature won’t be covered.

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