There are several javascript(JS) frameworks, and everyone has a favorite. People select a favorite javascript framework based on what the framework will accomplish, the benefits it provides, and the ease of use. A javascript framework has libraries of pre-written JS code. A JS framework will show data after an interaction happens. A framework should be able to keep the team productive. Coders must be familiar with the JS framework to ensure good coding practices are maintained and the productivity is not affected. The popular javascript frameworks used by coders are Angular, React, Node, Vue, Backbone, Polymer, Meteor, and Ember. Each framework helps people accomplish tasks, and few have the support of powerful companies.

Angular JS framework allows a user to be efficient while creating single-page applications. The angular framework was created by Google in 2010 and in 2016 a different version was created. There have been updates to the Angular framework. As of 2018, Angular has update version 7. There are nearly 350,000 websites using the Angular framework. It is believed that nearly 24 percent of javascript coders prefer the Angular framework. The angular framework is very popular on GitHub, a website well-known for coding sharing ideas and coding projects. There have been nearly 840 contributors on GitHub who have used the Angular framework. There is great support for Angular to ensure people will continue to use it. It has the capability to support progressive applications.

React is a JS framework used to build interactive user-interfaces. The React framework has been around since 2013. The framework can be used to create web and mobile applications. React framework is used on over 475,000 websites. There is more than 60 percent of javascript coders who use the framework. On Github, the React framework has over 1200 contributors. The framework is popular because of its’ flexibility and efficiency. Facebook maintains React and there are resources available for React. Coders like the framework’s reusability it creates for the code of projects.

Node is a server-side javascript framework. Node is used to create APIs and backend services. It has several libraries to help coders with projects. It provides quick responses to the request made. Walmart utilizes the Node framework. Since the Node framework is built on Google Chrome, it is very fast.

Vue is popular among coders because it was shown to adapt well to different coding projects and situations. It was launched in 2014, and it is an Open Source scripting language. There are only 64,000 websites using the Vue framework. As of 2018, it is believed over 25 percent of coders have used the Vue framework. It is very popular for frontend development. There are over 250 contributors GitHub who uses the Vue framework. The Vue framework will continue to grow because of it easy to learn.

The Backbone framework was created in 2010. It allows data to be presented as models. It supports the Rest API. It has several extensions to keep code organized. The framework is used by companies such as SoundCloud, and Sony Entertainment Network.

The polymer was created by the company, Google in 2015. The Polymer is a front-end framework. It is used to create cross-browser compatible web applications. It allows coders to create interaction with javascript. There is nearly 4 percent of coders using Polymer. The polymer is found over 4,000 websites. There are over 140 contributors on GitHub who utilize the Polymer framework. The Polymer framework is very fast. The polymer provides the capability of one and two-way data-binding.

Meteor is a backend javascript framework created in 2012. There would be a stable version of Meteor released in 2018. The Meteor framework is easy to set up. There are nearly 19,000 websites that use the Meteor framework. There is nearly 5 percent of coders who use the Meteor framework. There are over 400 contributors on GitHub who uses the Meteor framework. The popularity of the framework is influenced by vast libraries and packages. There is a community that show they are knowledgeable about using the framework. The Meteor can be used to create mobile apps for Android and Ios mobile operating systems.

Ember is a frontend framework created in 2011. It helps increase rendering speeds. There are nearly 7,000 websites that use the Ember framework. There is only about 6 percent of coders who use Ember. Ember has nearly 750 contributors on GitHub. Ember is being used by coders to take advantage of the user-interface templates offered by the framework. The use of templates helps reduce the amount of coding needed for a project. It has tools available for debugging also makes Ember a choice for coders.

There are many frameworks to consider for the best javascript framework for 2019. The framework that stood out the most is the React framework. The use of Facebook the largest social media platform helps the framework become popular. It is search engine optimized-friendly.

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