Today’s marketing is heavily influenced by social media. The latest statistics indicate that 95% of social media users are aged between 18-34 years. Facebook accounts for the larger percentage of the social media users. This makes Facebook a significant marketing tool. Therefore, the need to get more attention and followers to your Facebook page is of the essence. For you to get even one more facebook follower on your page, you need to work your fingers to the bone. You need to break away from your accustomed repertoire and adopt strategies that will get you that extra facebook follower. Having more people follow your Facebook page, gives you a more marketing advantage.

Facebook has grown to become the largest single networking platform for many corporations, as well as small businesses. Building your Facebook page takes a significant amount of time, effort and money. However, some bad apples in the digital community who are not willing to put in the time have resulted in cutting corners. Today, thousands of websites selling followers have flooded the internet. If you choose the easy way out, you can always visit the websites and have thousands of people to like your page at a small fee. However, your joy will disappear into thin air once the Facebook’s algorithm catches up with you. And with the number of gurus behind the algorithm, you are in for a losing battle. It is advisable to take the legal path and have a polite time with Facebook.

Here some of the tips by Fbskip-Facebook likes and followers which you can deploy, and attract more followers and activities on your Facebook page.

Focus your content

A common way to attract more followers is by posting informational material like videos, blogs, posts and other forms of communication that convey important messages. Thanks to the digital community, there exist many tools that you can use to find the most popular and trending topics. These are tools like, BuzzSumo, BuzzFeed Trending, Facebook Trending and a host of other similar web tools, which have been developed for the same purpose. Keep a focused eye on these platforms, and make sure you are at per with the trending issues because they change in a matter of seconds. Using these handy tools, you can also be able to target the right audience for your posts. If for instance, your video is about automobiles; your target audience will be car lovers who are interested in the same topic. Doing this creates a ripple effect on your page, and ultimately leads to more views, impressions, and followers.

Make use of hashtags

Using hashtags while posting on Facebook is another useful way. When used effectively, hashtags spread your message to a wider audience with similar interest. By doing so, you are attracting more positive traffic to your post, and as a result, more people who are familiar with your topic see your post. Since they already resonate with your message, they are going to be much more willing to like, comment and repost it on their pages too. Nonetheless, do not overuse the hashtags, since they might kill the reader’s interest. You can observe social media and study the popular hashtags, then create content focused on the topics in the hashtags. You can use the hashtags to tell the public about new products, services, and promotions. If you make good use of the hashtags on a daily basis, you will be able to communicate to your followers on every development in your business.

Install the Facebook follow button

The Facebook follow button, allows users to immediately follow your page without second-guessing. Installing a follow button in your website makes it easy for users to connect with your page. This is because it eliminates the need for users to search for your page, saving them time and effort. Users are only required to click on the follow button. To install the follow button, you first need to download it from the internet and then configure it with your Facebook URL. Once you are through the process, you can customize the look of your button and start to use it right away. You can also add a Facebook link on your website on the about section of your blog.

Initiate Facebook like campaigns

These are socially engineered campaigns that target people who have already raised interest in your business or products and influencing them to like your page. These campaigns are best driven by social media advertising professionals, who have techniques of establishing your target audience. When these online campaigns are carried out effectively, they hugely boost the number of people who visit and like your page. You can also utilize the campaigns to invite users who have already liked your Facebook posts, to like your Facebook page. You can also do it yourself by clicking on recent posts. Once you are on the recent posts dashboard, you will find a screen that prompts you to invite people who have already reacted to your post.

Offering discounts and incentives

Another great way to attract Facebook followers is by offering incentives such as free gifts, coupons, special treats/discounts, and merchandise giveaways. You can find interactive and fun ways of conducting your promotions. That way, users will not feel like they are working too hard for a free gift. You can hold friendly contests such as quizzes and fact-checking assignments, which users can have fun while participating. In turn, users will like your page and direct even more traffic by talking about your offers. The truth is that people love free things, and they will not mind following your page if they are getting something in return.

In a nutshell

Ultimately, staying active on Facebook will generally lead to more followers. Be courteous enough to respond to queries, like other people’s comments, like and comment when a user shares your post, and maintain the consistency. More often than not, Facebook users are social beings who have no ulterior motives, and will not mind following your page and liking your posts. The above ideas and techniques will attract more audience, but it is up to you to maintain your followers by engaging them consistently.

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