One of the most common questions that we see from people new to websites and SEO is: Why do people tend to use WordPress for SEO? Well, in this article, we will run through some of the main reasons why WordPress powers over 34% of all websites in the world, and why you should consider using it for your SEO efforts.

The truth of the matter is that WordPress has such an overwhelming market share of websites that it has become clear that even larger technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, need the platform.

While that is a very intriguing fact, and something that we should all bear in mind, it doesn’t answer the question of why you need WP for your own SEO and marketing requirements, and why even the best businesses prefer it for products like month-by-month SEO bundles.

Why WordPress For SEO?

There are so many reasons why you should be using WordPress, that if we went into every detail, you would either be here for a very long time reading or simply get bored. Therefore, instead of listing everything, we will try to condense it into five separate headings, all with a little more information in them.

WordPress Is Simple

If you have never built a website, then this statement is going to seem like a fallacy. However, trust us when we say it is the truth. When you get into the building of your site, you will get used to the interface very quickly, and that is not a common occurrence with many other CMS’ (Content Management Systems).

If you still don’t believe me, then your next step is simple: Go to any other CMS and see if you can make your site look and feel the way you imagine it. If you manage it, then think about the time that it took you, later try it with WP. You will, after you learn it, see that it is super simple. Furthermore, it is so popular that you can get an amazing number of tutorials on YouTube about how to use everything that you can imagine.

All of the aspects of SEO are simple to complete, not just the UI side of it. For example:

  • Editing permalinks is easy.
  • SEO Metadata is quick to input.
  • SEO titles and H-Tags are simple.¬†

Specific SEO Optimized Themes

So, not only do you have the simplicity of using WordPress as a standalone CMS, but you also have the option to customize it further. You can do that with any of the 31,000+ themes that are available to you. Not all of them are free, but many of them are explicitly designed with SEO in mind.

Having a beautiful website is half of the battle that you have to fight. But what is the other half? User experience. The faster that your site loads, the better, and some themes are so fast that you don’t even notice them load. Load speed is only part of the puzzle, though. However, having a fast site that users enjoy looking at will decrease your bounce rate, thus showing search engines that your website is worthy of the visit that they gave you.

The more people that find it visually appealing, the more that search engines will send your way.

SEO Plugins

SEO can be a minefield of information that you have to trawl through to understand. That is even more true if you are creating your own content instead of paying a writer to do it for you. Luckily for you, there are plugins that will guide you in the right direction, showing you how to make the information interesting for your readers, and accessible for the search engine crawlers.

Some of the best plugins that we use are:

  • SEOPress
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • GA by Monster Insights

Of course, there are many others that you can use, but these three are certainly some of the essentials.

Coding and Experience?

If you were to talk to anyone with no prior experience in the domain of building websites, then you would find that they are probably too scared to start one with no experience, even if a software engineer salary in United Kingdom is pretty high. Unless you have some sort of knowledge about how easy it is to start with WordPress, then you are probably going to agree with them.

What if I were to tell you that you do not need any coding experience? Or if I told you that I made my very first site in a single day? Well, that is the truth of it.

There are so many tutorials available to you on YouTube that you can follow them from buying a domain, through installing WP, and how to build a site. OK, it might not be exactly how you want it first try,but making a website that others can visit in a day is a very satisfying feeling. Once you are at that point, you can start to look into the SEO aspect of it, which is just as accessible to you.

WordPress Is User Friendly

Since the release of WP in 2003, there have been around 300+ updates to their system, some with security updates, but many focusing on user-friendliness. The fact that WP runs over 30% of the internet shows how easy it can be, both for new developers and for SEO.

Who Do People Tend To Use WordPress For SEO? – Conclusion

If reading this short explanation of why people use WordPress for SEO isn’t enough, then maybe knowing some of the biggest companies who use it will help:

  • BBC America
  • Sony Music
  • Microsoft News
  • Vogue
  • PlayStation Blog

The list goes on.

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