You may not think much of reviews, but other people do. That is because reviews are equal to word of mouth advertising. When customers give reviews, they are telling other potential customers how good or bad a business is. Instead of actual conversation, customers are communicating with others about a business the modern way.

This means a lot to a business. It may also mean a lot to you as a good or bad review can save you time, money and headaches. But don’t believe every review you read. There are fakes out there so be careful when you check those reviews.

Here are some reasons why it is important to check reviews before buying online.

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Top 10 Reasons to read reviews Before Buying Online

#1. It saves you in the long run

In the old days, you had to get in your car, drive to a store and do your shopping. This takes time and money and you may not get what you wanted. The store may be out of stock.

Reading reviews, and 90% of the people do this, before visiting a store can save you this headache and expense. You can find out if the store has what you need in stock before you use the gas in your car.

#2. You find out the character of a store

The different reviews will tell you what you need to know about a store online. How good or bad their customer service is. How they handled a return. They will also tell you how superior the product is compared to a competitor. Everything you need to know can be found in reviews.

An honest review helps people trust the online store a lot more. A good honest review is seen as valuable as a personal recommendation from a friend. Good reviews have a way of getting the word out on the superior or inferior character of an online store.

#3. Local businesses are online as well

It is said that up to 72% of the consumers asked trust a local business more if they have positive reviews. It is much easier to do business locally than it is to have to deal with a company in another state or country.

You do not have to pay shipping costs if there is a problem, you just go to the local business and show them what is wrong. Local businesses are part of the community and their survival depends on having satisfied local customers.

#4. Good reviews equal good business practices

No one wants to waste money and going to an unethical business whose business practices are questionable is not a good experience. Reading reviews can spare you this experience. It is said that 94% of consumers will use a business if it has a consistent 4-star review.

4 stars mean the business is performing above average and wants your business. This is good information to know for it provides security when you buy their product. It also provides confidence that you are purchasing a superior product that will last.

#5. They are convenient

You can use your smartphone to check out reviews even when you are in the store or the mall. You do not need to go home and turn on your computer to see what other customers say about a business or a product.

Just turn on your phone and type in the product and you can read the review before you make your decision to buy. You can spare yourself any trouble by quick checking reviews before you go home.

#6. Reviews are better than salespeople

Salespeople represent the store, not you. They are trained to get you to buy the product before you leave. They know that once you leave you may not return. Their job is to get you to buy regardless of the quality of the product or customer service.

Reviews, for the most part, are honest and give you the facts about the product. They also do not represent the store or business. The job of the review is to inform=rm you of the quality of the product and customer service they received. They are not trying to sell you anything.

#7. Reviews help break old habits

People tend to buy those products that they know. They know how it works, they know how long it will last, they also know what to expect from an online company. This knowledge makes them comfortable and secure.

A good online review can help them break this habit and get them to purchase something new and better than what they got through their old habits. Also, a good review may help them save money while trying something new. You never know when you will find that life-changing product and a good review will lead the way.

#8. You can make better decisions

Both good and bad reviews can help you be more discerning as you search for a given product or service. The information a review provides can help you avoid an inferior product or service. Or they can lead to superior ones.

Being a better, more discerning shopper helps make family life better. You save money and buy quality products that will last you a long time.

#9. The best deal

That is one of the keys to shopping. You want to get the most for the money you are spending. Reading reviews will help you learn where to find the best deals in town or on the internet.

Saving a little money for a quality product or service will have you feeling good about yourself. Your confidence will grow, and you can be assured that you will do your best for your family when it comes time to shop for new products.

#10. Eases holiday shopping

No one likes a crowd when they have to go out and buy gifts for the holidays. Good online reviews can lead you to those online companies that offer the same product you find in your local stores. They may also have that product at a cheaper price because they do not have the expense a brick and mortar store has.

Those good reviews can help you avoid the holiday rush. They will save you stress, parking problems, and long lines. A good review will lead you to the right online store that has a great online purchase format that is safe and easy to use.

A word of caution

While 97% of consumers asked state that they can spot a bad or phony review, it pays to be forewarned. Not every review out there will be genuine or honest. A good review may be good only because someone received some sort of payment to write it.

Some bad reviews are written to hurt a store for whatever reason the author may have. Those may not be legitimate reasons either. So be careful when you read reviews and make sure you can tell the difference.

Some final words

To be a discerning shopper, one should take the time to read reviews. Online reviews are just the modern replacement for word of mouth advertising. You just have to make sure you can trust the source and its information.

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