And you want to share it with the world. Or you care about a topic so much that you want to share your thoughts with an internet audience. The problem is, you are not getting the attention you need to have your voice heard.

There are reasons for that lack of attention and it could be the way you are marketing yourself to the world. Here are 10 reasons why you may never have any traffic to your blog site.

10 reasons why you are not getting the attention you deserve

If you are practicing one or more of these reasons, it may explain why internet users are not beating a path to your door. Great blogging does not happen in a day. Unless you are a gifted writer there are lots of lessons to learn before you attract a large internet audience

#1. Your blog is brand new

Unless you are world famous, it is unrealistic to think everyone is going to drop what they are doing and read your thoughts. It will take a little patience and persistence on your part to build up a loyal and dedicated audience.

You also need time to weed out any bugs to your writing and make it worth the time to read. Great blogging takes place one blog at a time and after learning many lessons.

#2. You are a novice headline writer

They say that you only have a few seconds, if that long, to get the attention of an internet user. If your headlines fail to catch their eye, then the internet user will pass your blog by.

It takes practice to write a good headline and in this technologically based world, you need a lot of practice as you will have a lot of competition to deal with. Get some help as there are books and internet websites that provide you with the information you need to learn how to write a great headline.

#3. There is too much time between posts

This is important. Unless you are a teacher or someone with a built-in audience the longer the gap between your posts the less likely your readers are going to stick around. This does not mean that you need to post every hour, too much posting will also drive your readers away.

Learn from the newspaper companies and magazine publishers. They publish consistently, and their readers know when they are going to get the new newspaper and magazine. People are creatures of habit and once they learn your publication time, you will get more readers sticking around

#4. Almost everything is about the SEO

Whether you like this function or not, the search engine optimization plays a part in who sees your blog. Search engines play a large role in how your blog is displayed in the internet world.

Many good bloggers learn how to manipulate the system to get their blog to be number 1 in the search engine wars. Again, to learn how to address this issue, there are websites with step by step processes that will guide you to good SEO content.

#5. Twitter can help

But if you do not have a lot of Twitter followers you will be stuck in the same boat. You will need to build up your Twitter following to help build up your blog audience. One way to do that is to write a good headline that you can post on Twitter.

A good headline will spark curiosity and help drive your followers to your blog post. But Twitter is not the only way to build an audience. Promoting your work on different social media sites will also help. When you are building an audience, you need to take as much time to promote as you do writing your blog content.

#6. Quality, not quantity counts

You need to remember that you are not competing with just the kid down the street or the computer geek at your school. The internet has grown over the years and there will be more people writing about your topic than you realize.

You need to be good and it will be quality that gets the people’s attention. This means you may have to spend more than just 10 minutes researching your topic. You got to know what you are talking about and have something to offer your readers. Anyone can write a bad blog post, but it takes a dedicated person to write a good one.

#7. Entertainment counts

One of the key things to learn about blogging is that your audience is not captive. In other words, if they find your blog boring, they will move on to the next guy or girl writing about the same topic as you.

Learn how to scare, inspire, amaze them with your content. That way you will keep your audience’s attention. You do not have to be a comedian and tell funny jokes or stories, but you do need to keep their interest.

#8. Know your audience

You can try to write about everything and try to reach everyone, but that is unrealistic. Know your topic well and know who you are writing for. If you do not know your audience, then it is a good chance that you will not produce anything they want to read.

You do not talk about advanced calculus when your readers only care about basic arithmetic. You have to learn to tailor your content to fit the interests of your audience. Also, stick to what you know best and do not stray from it.

In other words, if you know the ins and outs of chess, and do not know basketball, don’t talk about basketball, talk about chess.

#9. Content is not enough

You may be the best writer on a given subject, but that ability is not going to be enough to gain you an audience. You still have to get known. There are ways to accomplish that objective.

You can learn how to be a guest blogger, comment on other blog posts and leave your link, or build a quality blog using proven formats, Then, you can be like a little brother who is always pestering his older siblings to include him in their activities.

Do that to internet influencers until they give in and read your blog.

#10. Giving up is not an option

The moment you give up you lose. There is an old saying that if you first do not succeed, try again. Just because you may have failed the first time doesn’t mean you will fail the second, third or even fourth times.

Learn from your mistakes and do better the next time. Try new strategies, new content, new writing style but don’t give up. Patience, persistence, and learning are the keys to a successful blog.

Some Final Words

Why your blog never will have traffic? That is because it all depends on you. Your success depends on how much work you put into it. Blog success does not happen overnight. You need to be prepared to work hard at obtaining your audience.

You also need to be better than your competition.

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