It is difficult to hire the right agency to manage pay-per-click marketing campaigns, just like it is difficult to make an internal hire. You need to ask multiple questions and evaluate the background and reputation of the PPC agency to better understand what the agency is about. The right PPC agency can meet the expectations of most businesses in three areas:

1 Depth of Expertise

You need to look for a PPC agency that focuses on paid search space because of the complexities that come with PPC. This allows the agency to put enough attention and time into the PPC area of your marketing efforts. Choose an agency with one or more dedicated PPC managers. The PPC managers should focus only on paid search. This is a rapidly changing space, so they must keep up with new announcements and trends.

2 Transparency

You need to know if the pay-per-click agency is willing to share expertise and information before you select one. They should tell you what they will do in your account and how often they will work on it. Some paid search agencies are not transparent because they do not know what they are doing or they do not devote enough time to their clients’ PPC campaigns.

3 Ability to Retain Control

Is the PPC agency willing to work with you? Or does it allow you to retain control over your goals, focuses, and even some executions around your PPC campaigns? It is important to choose a PPC agency that is willing to work with you and allows you to retain some control.

Ask the following ten questions as you evaluate potential pay-per-click agencies. You can use their answers to understand the level of control, transparency, and expertise you can expect from working with these pay-per-click agencies.

Years of Experience

How long have you been working on pay-per-click marketing campaigns?


How many dedicated account reps manage your pay-per-click campaigns hands-on? Are they working on other campaigns outside of paid search? Do you offer other services, such as web design and development, SEO, etc.? If yes, what is the ratio of people focusing on PPC services to those working on other services?


Will you actively share data with me and my organization?


Do you have anyone in your agency who specializes or has experience in creating PPC campaigns in my niche?

Cross-Platform Capability

Are you offering services across various PPC platforms or just AdWords?


Do you have reps who are certified in any paid search platforms, such as Google AdWords?


What are the standard reports are you providing? What are the types of metrics I can ask on demand? Will you give me independent access to reporting?


What are the types of tools you are using to generate reports and manage campaigns? Are these tools proprietary? What happens to my PPC campaigns and the reporting and processes you have put in place if I decide to move PPC management in-house?

Shared Workload

Can you handle other components of my campaigns if there are specific components and tasks of my PPC campaigns that I want to handle in-house? How do you usually handle a situation like this?

Proof of Success

How do you come up with the goals and metrics equal success for the pay-per-click program? How will you work with me in refining and ultimately reaching these goals?