If your a blogger or are relatively new to becoming a blogger you know how hard it is sometimes to come up with relevant content that is new, innovative and important. You want to write about things that people are interested in but at the same time you have to think about the important issues and touch on things that really do matter. Three ways I suggest trying when optimizing the data on your blog is by researching current important news topics, always use what’s trending and utilize outside bloggers and other social media stars.

Research Current Events

When writing content for your blog you will find a significant amount of success by writing about current events and things that are in the news today. By sticking with current events and popular topics in the current media you are more likely to capture the attention of a wider group of people and are more likely to read your blog and be interested in the content you are providing. You can also use your knowledge of current events to educate your readers on what is going on around them and hopefully they continue to want more from you and visit your blog on a regular basis.


What’s Trending?

As a blogger who writes content for a vast majority of other people to read and be entertained by you want to make sure you always know what’s trending. When talking about an online, social media presence you want to stay up on the trends and what hashtags everyone is using. Stay in touch with social phenomena that will act as click bate for your blog allowing you to gain access to new readers that may not have every visited your blog before giving you a whole new clientele. Celebrity gossip is one things that “what’s trending” is always changing so make sure you stay up on your TMZ knowledge and you always know what the hot gossip is and include that into your blog entries.

Utilize Other Bloggers and Social Media Stars

One thing you may not have thought about yet but should definitely do so in order to optimize your blog entries is to reach out to other popular bloggers and social media moguls and get them involved in our blog. Whether it be a video chat if you create video blogs or even just an interview that you can add into your blog as you feel fit, it will add a new dynamic and increase your viewers for sure. It’s a good idea to find someone who has similar views and ideas as you and would fit nicely into your blog and the bloggers you already have. This will not only help increase your current reader’s satisfaction with your blog but should also gain you a lot more reader’s as well.
So while you let the creative juices flow and you write your new blog entries think about these few ideas to optimize your blog content and give your reader’s what they really want!