The web development scenario is always evolving, as the community continues to embrace new and emerging technologies. While some technologies seem to take the back seat for some time, they remerge often as everyone realizes their benefits.

Here are 7 new trends or technologies in web development which are hot at present and are expected to continue evolve.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google announced the AMP project and it is still being implemented by websites worldwide. It continues to be the big trend in web development.

AMP boosts performance of both website content and ads. It also increases page load speeds and UX. Your website will deliver a more seamless experience. It has been here for years, but it is going to be in trend in the future.

2. Motion User Interface

The modern online user wants things to be simple and intuitive. In fact, that is the perfect user experience that you can deliver through your website or web applications.

Motion User Interface (UI) is a new trend and is expected to grow further.

  • The technology helps you stand out from the crowd
  • It helps in boosting conversion rates
  • It includes elements like hovers, animated charts, elegant headers, and background animations

3. Emphasis on Mobile Usability

Mobile web experience has been the priority in web development for almost half a decade. And its importance has only increased with time.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are simply losing out on over 50% of your target audience. Mobile traffic accounts for over half of the search engine traffic, today.

  • Mobile user experience standards have evolved significantly
  • The technology available today allows you to meet all these standards
  • It is possible to adapt web apps for mobile use, whether by converting them to mobile apps that can be installed or by designing them to look and work like native mobile apps.
  • New mobile devices, for example Apple’s Watch OS, are taking things to the next level in the mobile design domain.

4. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new concept that is focused on delivering the best-possible experience in native apps and mobile websites through the use of latest technological developments.

  • The concept is based on HTML5 adoption and internet evolution
  • Same functionality and seamless UX can be delivered for native apps

The technology combines the best of the web with that of a native application.

5. Chatbots

Customer support is one of the cornerstones of customer experience. More and more businesses are using chatbots to power their online support systems.

  • Provide customer support 24/7 and stop losing customers
  • Save on the cost of hiring full-time customer support teams
  • Provides higher level of interactivity
  • Cost-effective for both developers and clients
  • Saves everyone’s time including the customers

Even when it cannot replace a human support personnel, it is almost as good.

6. Push Notifications

You must have heard of push notifications in the mobile app domain. The new trend is to integrate this function in websites. This can help you in reaching a larger audience and get more out of your marketing campaigns.

  • It is a powerful solution for engaging your customers and visitors
  • Customers and prospects can be informed about special discounts and offers
  • Send out messages on customer-centric activities

7. RAIL – Response Animation Idle Load

The focus behind any and every new trend in web development is to enhance user experience. RAIL is a design component that has been gaining popularity and is expected to become even bigger in near future.

It is all about faster page load times and better website performance. The page load times targeted under this concept are in the vicinity of less than 1 second.

IoT connects objects and allows them to collect and exchange data. It has also been gaining ground in the web development arena. There are many more technologies which are expected to gain more ground in the domain in the present and in the near future.