The process is known as seeding and it’s a very commonly used process in many industries as well as personal situations.

Take for example a street musician trying to make a few dollars per day playing for audiences. Street musicians have learned long ago that if they put a couple of dollars in a guitar or violin case, together with a couple of dollars in change, it encourages bystanders to drop money in your collection point.

However, it only works to the point of believability. For example, if you seed your guitar case with $100 bills, people are just not going to believe that a visitor just chose to drop $300 in the collection plate.

Seeding is also used in popular Nightclubs. There is a reason that that doorman in a nightclub let in maybe 20 to 50 hot Kardashian-like girls into the club for free. They are the seeding bait that attracts lots of men to spend $30 or more on cover charges in hopes they will score with a hot chick.

In casinos, they often pay shills to gamble with house money in order to encourage real gamblers to gamble for real.

Seeding is very common on the internet as well and in fact, one social media outlet is famous for paying “Instagram Influencers” to pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars for “shout-outs” from influencers.

So how about YouTube?

Those who want to make a living know that there are a number of factors to monetizing
a YouTube website. One of those factors is that you need 1,000 subscribers. Another is that there must be around 40,0000 hours of total viewing time.

And even if your channel becomes monetized, how much you will receive depends a lot on what kind of ads Google, who owns YouTube can sell. With some content, you are paid merely if someone views your YouTube video while with others, and often the best paying ones, you get paid when a person clicks on a YouTube ad.

Unfortunately, there is an intense amount of competition among YouTube content providers. Almost 5 Billion videos are watched every single day. And over 500 hours of YouTube are uploaded every single minute.

According to Business Industry, of the more than 36 million YouTube channels, only about 1 in every 9 YouTube channels roughly 4.4 million, get enough subscribers to be monetized.

So how much on average, leaving out the few rare exceptions, do most YouTube videos make? According to one YouTuber, that amount is roughly $2 to $5 per month.

So the plain fact is that most YouTube content providers can kiss off making their retirement plans from YouTube.

But just as most males, in particular, won’t get into the hottest New York City Nightclubs without forking over $30 just to get in, to make any money at all, whether it be a few dollars per month or a few thousand per month, they need to first get monetized and getting to that 1,000 subscriber mark and 4,0000 watched viewer mark is not as easy as it sounds.

So what are the options to get monetized quickly. The first of course is to have great content, and content that is in demand. Note for example that your content about how to change the oil in your car may be easier to sell than how to make King Cobra filets.

But given a choice of 8 or 10 videos about how to change the oil in your car, it’s only natural that people will be more attracted to a video with 200,000 views than one that only has 1,000 views.

So the obvious answer for some is to buy subsribers. There are many services available which will allow you to buy subscribers at a quite reasonable rate.

Besides doing a Google search for “Buying YouTube Subscribers,” many people obtain YouTube Suscribers for their channel by going to Fivver, the poplular “to hire,” freelancer website.

Of course, since YouTube sells adds to make money, buying subscribers is highly not recommended.

If YouTube runs a check using various analystics, not only can they remove such subscribers, but chances are very likely thaat they will completely block your channel as violating YouTube’s terms of service.

There are several “example sites” on YouTube right now that show the results of using paid subscribers. In one example, a person signed up for a service to obtain 1,000 subsribers, paying around $70 for the service.

This paid service delivered, as slightly over 1,000 subscribers signed up within a week. However, their actual “video watch rate,” was extrmely low and within a few more days, YouTube removed almost 90 percent of them as fake.

On the other hand, another content provider bought a mix of content subscribers and content viewers on Fivver. Although there was a slow and gradual degregation to the amount of subscribers who continued to describe, the rate was not so dramatic that YouTube noticed.

By mixing it up, they were able to consistently maintain a steady stream of viewers.

This goies back to the seeding analogy we talked about earlier where street musicians seed their guitar or violin case with a couple of dollar bills and a few dollars worth of loose change.

As we said then, seeding works in relationship to beievabiity, and if you seeded your guitar case with $100 bills it just wouldn’t work.

Getting an incredible amount of subscribers in a short period of time is a lot like
trying to obtain 1,000 subscribers at once. It will soon be noticed.

If you are going to use seeding to obtain YouTube suscribers, mix it up.
Instead of relying on one company to provide you 1,000 or 5,000 subscribers, try buying a 100 at a time from 10 different services.

Also, time your purchases so there is a slow but steadysd uptick of new subscribers, week by week, rather than all at once.

Finally, don’t just buy subscribers. You also need of buying youtube views and paid commennts and likes so that it lookl like the real thing.

Chances are this method will work out much better for you and you can quickly shift to slowly only obtaining organi traffic for your YouTube channel.