All of the most successful bloggers utilize services such as Google Adsense in order to maximize profits from their work. WordPress makes integrating ads into your blog relatively simple, but there are still quite a few pitfalls to overcome when it comes to deciding what niches will provide the most bang for your buck.

Though you may be tempted to simply write about incredibly obscure topics, secure in the knowledge that at the very least, your blog will have original content. However, choosing topics which are difficult for the average person to relate to is a surefire way to never see any profit from your blogging venture. The following guide details the 8 most popular and profitable niches for bloggers hoping to utilize Adsense to make money. By making sure to at least to have the bulk of your blog’s content pertain to these niches, you will see a steady stream of income from Google Adsense.

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1.) Health & Wellness

Because the cost of medical care can be incredibly high, people without serious health concerns might take to the internet for advice on dealing with minor health issues. You could review vitamins and supplements, or even suggest certain remedies based on your own personal experience. Just be sure to never outright give medical advice, as doing so could land you in legal trouble.

2.) Technology

Due to the rapidly expanding reach of technology, many people search the internet for guidance in its use. Additionally, people who are already in-the-know want to be able to keep with technological trends and up and coming devices. Blogging about technology is a surefire way to bring traffic to your blog and increase ad revenue. Just be sure you’ve done your research. Nothing can kill a technology based blog faster than some nerd who knows more than you calling you out as a wannabe.

3.) Social Media

Similar to blogging about technology, social media themed blogs exist primarily to teach others how to best use social media in a business sense. Bloggers who want to discuss social media should make sure they have a significant enough following on their own social media profiles in order to develop online credibility or “clout”. Because business minded people are already well aware of social media’s power when it comes to generating revenue, rather than wasting space on informing people just how useful social media is (there are countless articles already doing the same) instead focus on tips businesses can use to improve their own standing on social media sites.

4.) Blogging Guides

One of the main reasons some people read blogs is simply to learn how to create one themselves. There are already several bloggers who make a living simply blogging about blogging, so you will have to do your best to avoid sounding derivative. Rather than creating content devoted to generalized ideas of how good blogs work, instead create a personal touch by giving tips specific to blogging the way you do. If your readers trust your word, and your work, you’ll see a huge uptick of traffic as more and more future bloggers use your work as a guide for how to be successful themselves.

5.) Fashion

Believe it or not, style and fashion often go in and out of favor with the public, depending on how complicated the latest styles are. Currently, blogs about makeup and contouring are all the rage because the latest styles require quite a bit of know-how in order to achieve the right look. Even men’s fashion has become more complex in recent years, as women who spend evermore time and money on looking good also expect their men to do so in kind. If you have a unique or quirky style, and can efficiently describe the steps to duplicating certain looks, starting a fashion or style blog is an excellent way to increase traffic to your blog. Additionally, many of the ads used for makeup or fashion sites pay significantly higher rates for space on your pages.

6.) Celebrities

Since the middle of the last century when television sets became a household items, people have been obsessed with the famous people on them. With the invention of the internet, this obsession has become even more pronounced because obsessed netizens now have the ability to directly contact their favorite (or least favorite) starts via their social media pages. In the last decade several bloggers have gone from having an adequate following to virtually blowing up due to hosting exclusive celebrity content. It’s best to steer away from gossip, as the kind of traffic it creates is short-lived and likely to result in backlash should your work be discovered by your subject’s legal team. Instead focus on a specific concept such as “Sunglasses of the Rich and famous”, and then work in celebrity stories as they pertain to your central idea.

7.) Making Money Online

If your blog is already moderately successful, you have all the credibility you need to instruct others how to make money online. Because there are so many who have managed to turn online businesses into cash cows, there are many more who want to get in on the action. Take the skills you’ve learned crafting your own blog and obtaining your own streams of revenue and apply them to help others do the same. Because there are already a significant amount of articles regarding the same topic, anything you have to talk about that will stand out amongst your competition can only help, so it’s best to just lay everything out on the table and give people legitimate ideas to make money online.

8.) SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves the use of keywords and other methods to ensure that your page is easily found via search engines such as Google. Though it might seem like a relatively simple concept to use the right words to attract potential visitors to your site, there are many people who lack the ability to clearly and concisely describe their own products. If you are a skilled blogger, you are already well versed in applying SEO principles to gain traffic. Creating content on SEO is an excellent way to bring new readers to your blog, because there are so many writers who do good work, but haven’t quite figured out the best way to make sure their material is discovered by the audience they want to attract.


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