Security is one of the most important aspects of managing and maintaining a website. More so, with an increasing number of websites and website users, leading to high volumes of data being exchanged every second. And the security of your business site is largely dependent on your hosting platform. This is one of the reasons why most site owners are shifting from shared hosting to more secure VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting is halfway between shared hosting and dedicated hosting and uses the best features of both. It is more secure than shared hosting and yet, less expensive than dedicated hosting. VPS Hosting operates on either Linux or Windows operating system. Linux VPS hosting is growing to be the choice of many site owners today, due to its secured infrastructure and efficient architecture.

Linux VPS hosting and security

There’s no doubt that shared hosting is cheaper and easier to avail. But it’s like living in shared accommodation. You might have your own room, but all the utilities of the apartment/house are shared among the residents. Which means, the maintenance of the apartment is not your sole responsibility. It also means that you, individually have no control over the safety of living space. One of your roommates could easily access your personal belongings, or, if there is ever a break-in, the entire apartment, including your bedroom, will be at risk. Shared hosting is no different. Since all server resources are shared among different users, there are high chances of infiltration. Also, if the main server is ever attacked, it can cause a security breach on all accounts hosted therein, or even cause any or all accounts to crash.

With Linux VPS Hosting, you can escape such catastrophic situations with the highly secure and robust hosting environment built on Linux OS. As the name suggests, VPS Hosting works on multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers is isolated from each other using a program called hypervisor, which allows multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host. By doing this, the resources of each and every virtual server remains exclusive from the other. It is like living in an entire apartment by yourself. Although the apartment is a part of common residential property, and every apartment shares the main source of utilities, you can take control of your own space and ensure the safety of your home. With a VPS, you have complete control over your site server, and you can configure the applications and software the way you want. VPS hosting servers are a hundred times more secure than shared hosting servers, mainly because they are independent of each other. In case of an attack on any of the server, the others remain completely unaffected by the threat and continue to run as usual. And because you have total access to the server, you can install customized security measures as per the needs of your site.

Summing up…

Irrespective of how long you have been in the business, or its size, you cannot compromise on the site security. After all, your user’s data as well as your business information are your most important site assets. But you can make the most of tightened security only when you seek the services of a reliable hosting provider and install an efficient hosting solution like VPS.